Thursday, 4 August 2011


August 3rd

It’s about to be 7.00 pm. I return home from office. It is raining. I carry groceries and stationaries. I thank God that my scooty started after the heavy rain, as it usually doesn’t start and I was worried about it. I got under Raincoat and started my journey towards home. I drive. I drive….watching out the road traffic and signals, watching out the mud puddles. I see the grey atmosphere, now drizzling rain and dark people driving alongside.

I’m half way to my home. After my vision gets blurred with the rain drops and dust, I raised helmet’s glass to look the roads more clearly. But what’s that I feel? I get the sensation of the rain drops on my face. I raise my head to take in more rain. It feels wonderful. Refreshing! Why did I hate the rain all these time? It was lovely to get the rain drops melting on your body.

A little later I realize my whole face is wrinkled and eyes narrowed. I relax my face. Open my eyes more, turning my lips to a smile. I relax my body subsequently, that was rigid while driving. My thoughts had frozen. All what I was worried about was how less I would get wet in reaching my home and how soon and safely I would reach.

Now I look more. I feel more. My thoughts travel around. I look around me. Brightly lit shops, people taking shelter under those, raincoats and umbrellas everywhere. All hurrying up. A father and daughter crossing road. Men getting out of buses. Women waiting to auto rickshaw’s. People eating hot samosas under a plastic shed. A cow standing at a place and getting wet. I wonder if she’s enjoying the rain as much as I am now. All in shades of blue and grey. This is all so beautiful. As if a film is rolling by.

I hum a tune. I don’t remember the last time I had hummed one. Hmmm~~~mmm~~~mm
I slow down. I don't want to reach home early. I want more of this time for me. This is the time, I’m me. Neither I have to worry about official work nor its time to take in home’s. It’s just in between. The time all for me. I take deep breaths. Smile to myself. Take in more rain. Oh what a bliss. I continue humming and nodd my head with the tune.