Wednesday, 28 September 2011

HappY 25th - I turnEd siLver ^_^

Heyyyyy.... It's mah birthday....25th :)

I have turned Silver :)

Its around 1.07 am now. Have got wishes from home, pinxy n mom n golu and di :) along with udayan and dyna and suchi. Got texts from Sonali my ofc mate, little n two unknown nos :P

The best part was Mum bringing a small muffin with candle on it to celebrate :) that was something very thoughtful and beautiful :) loved u ma :)

then getting a novel gifted by Golu :)  that was a read i had thought ages ago and forgotten to be bought. :)

then getting a song sung by my best fren :) tht was :') lovely

and hey gifting myself a giftbox of novels :) <3 hope the rest of the day goes well n nice...have taken an office holiday...gonna enjoy :)


Later in the 1st half of the day went in lazyness ;) :) As earlier plans for self shopping got flopped coz of the super sunny weather. Then had lunch treat out to udayan (Lovely gifts of flower, personalized card and lot) and coffee treat out to Pallavi. :)  Rest hardly any frens are in the city and Little didn't had time to come :/ Met some common folks in the same place, and got a plant gifted.

WAs back home for even loving family partying. :) all were excited with wishes and celebration. Pinxy had made a yum cake with mom n pa n golz..helped and made other items like, minced chicken balls & pasta. We all ate to our content and had an awesome :) 

Hope i have a superb year ahead :)

Me <3

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