Friday, 7 October 2011

Still in Puja holiday Spirits ^_^

I am back at office after a short Durga Puja vacation from Office. Its kinda shocking to sit here and try to work after the situation of you sleeping last 3 days without any worry. Three days of vacations, dunno where did they vanish :P

Di has come, with golu and pinxy and ma and pa and ofcourse chiku, we had all masti and mazak at home. Many of my frens had been outta state or town in holidays but I do not regret not going anywhere. I had quite a good time at home with my family and most importantly me. Missed someone from the family whom we have lost overtime, on the occasion of Puja and wondered how she would be doing now. :(

Khair, how can we interfere in God's plans. These puja times went in lazy days, late waking up, completing on hold chores, irritating my sissy's and golu, helping ma&pa, giving time to chiku and...loads of laughs, snuggles and get together around. :) We went for watching Dusshera in two pandals and Ravan-Podi near by which eventually turned to be flopshow because the effigy didnt burn down as planned. But we did enjoy the fireworks there.

I gave time to me, spend time in reading, little ofc work, movies and hey started making beautiful curtains for my room. It;s gonna take time and hope I complete it by Deepavali :)

Bud, our photography plans got down :( hope u get well  soon :)

Pinx off to Delhi last night and Di would be gone by Saturday and M gonna be lonely after all des...ho-halla at  home. :(

Overall had a pleasant time at home and coming to office felt like attending school the very 1st time :'(
I anyways came and now sulking :P

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