Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My New Curtains

>> New Curtains  

Since ages was thinking about making something for my room. Then finally thought of creating a brand new curtain for my windows. Transparent, leaves falling and in light color to let in more light. :)

Drawing the Pattern
Bought appropriate fabrics for it and started on my work :) ......
Everyday I did little work to complete it by Deepawali...but the idea and process what I choose was much time taken. Spreading out the fabric, making out patterns, cutting leaves from satin cloth and so on. I even burned the sides of the satin leaves with candle fire as they were difficult to stitch and then they were sewed to the organdy fabric of cream color. It took me around around one month to complete it. Of course it was not done everyday nor was I worked on regular basis. After much effort it was finally completed, borders stitched and woah it looked like one bought from a store.


I loved my work :) Quite impressed with the effort ^_^
Cutting and Setting the pattern
Hanging over the windows it gave the effects of leaves falling by. I made a tree trunk stuck on one upper wall and painted few more leaves on the side walls to complete the effect. :)

The beautiful satin leaves

Stitching the leaf on the fabric

See how it looks :) ...

The final output :) I found it very beautiful <3

Have added some leaves on the wall for the effect of complete falling leaves :

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  1. you are a bundle of talent. I can hardly keep myself from complimenting :)


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