Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Night


A new year, bringing new hopes, new dreams, new aspirations and just the feeling of everything new. The night went very pleasantly with my family. Creating a BBQ setup in the balcony, eating out till midnight and soft music at the background. Similar to previous years idea, Pa setted up the BBQ place, Golu baked a very nice cake and Pinx majorly prepared the grill chicken stuff. Mom and me helped around :D The place and the environment was simply beautiful. Arranged up fire place, lichu lights, chairs, eatables, including veggies, spices....Yum !!

 Wish the family was complete with the other two didi's (sisters) :) hopefully Di would be home soon to join us but no idea on whats going up with Babes. :( Hoping all well for them and wishing they could be with us, the rest of the family stays together for a time together.. 

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