Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I find peace ...

Office, work, home, tensions, pending works, expected works, personal works, socializing ... so much goes on in a single mind at a single time. But when I reach home my stress almost goes away when my doggies come running, wagging tails to hug me, welcome me. Three doggies and a pup out side my gates to whom the world refers to as stray dogs and one my German Spitz at home. All get under my legs, pull my bag, dupatta, lick and show their happiness that I am home. :) If they would be near the main road and I cross them in my scooty, they'll jump in excitement and all the way run along till I reach home. I talk to them, rub their bodies specially under the ears and neck and make them feel wanted :) I feed the ones outside with biscuits as supper till my mom gives them proper dinner. :)

The feeling with them, makes me feel so much alive, wanted, in peace. Just love spending time with them. Before I enter home properly and rest this has become a routine to love and feed them. :) Dunno but there is something, some feeling their takes away my sorrow even if for a while, when I am with them. Three generations and they have shown their loyalty in the colony and keep loving us. Love you my sweeties :) I keep hoping that no one in the colony hurts or abuses them. Hope they are always in the feeling of being loved and pampered.