Sunday, 3 June 2012

A cute scribble notepad out of waste

I save a lot of one sided used papers, glossy advertisement papers, brochures, card-boards etc.for re-using.

Today I decided to start working on it and came out with a cute little notepad.

This is how I did it, and you can do it too. It is very wise to re-use the paper for the reasons of not wasting the papers, environment cause, less litter and its a cute notebook. Overall took around 45mins to complete it. 
Collect and arrange the papers you would like to make the notebook from. Size! you choose. The shown are basically one sided printing papers of A4 Size.

You could do with some basic stationary items like Scissor, Ruler, Needle and Thread, Paper Cutters, Pencil, Glue etc...

I'm cutting paper into halves to make a small notepad.

All ready to sew. You can sew horizontally or vertically as per you wish. I'm gonna make it vertical. I think it would be easy for a one sided notepad to be used.

I have sewn it and I'm pasting some advertisement papers in the back and front for support.

I pasted some from colorful strips of papers on the front page cutting it out of some old brochures. 
 and ta-daaa .....

It’s ready to use...

Flip and scribble all you think or need of...   :)

Try it on, it’s easy, takes so less time and it’s Eco-friendly... :)  


I would most probably give it away  ^_^


  1. Lovely and creative work bud :) ..
    You should probably give away these demos in office's and school where people should learn about the use of re using the paper the most :) .

    1. Thankyou yaar, probably would make plenty more and give away too Goonj and some kids near my home. :) :) :)

  2. Always the creative !
    Excellent work.
    Will be putting it to use ( as they say in army, by order :P )

    1. Thank you so much viewing and appreciating :)


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