Friday, 22 June 2012

The world really ends in 2012 !!!

Marriage invitation everywhere. Office team and friends everywhere. Same day more than one marriage/reception invitation.

The environment full of it. With a big smile... 'Please do come' is what I'm hearing all the time now.
A tension, a feel of competition, a feel of insecurity is running around everywhere. Like if they wont marry now they never will. Everybody is rushing. From various age groups and then there is a full fledged team who is desperately looking for a partner to be married off by Dec 12'. Then there will be discussion about the partner they are about to get. They would envy, showoff and fuss!

People who aren't marrying this year have a long face. As if the world is really gonna finish off by this year and next year they are just gonna die, that too instantly :P

I'm not against anything, but come on give it ease. The time comes when its supposed to be. If not for you then for others.
They talk and ask about it all the time. Get married soon. Advices flowing. It is the time. Else its too late. When will you? You'll get old. You have settled, what else will you do? You wont get suitable bride/groom. Hurryyy!!! Sooonn....!!!!    Arrghh....  STOP!

Marriages are sometimes looked upon as a goal. Sometimes like all they want is somebody to take care of them. Women on the arms' of their husbands and men on the beauty queens they got.This is the tale all have to say. For some this is not a goal or an achievement, for some like me, there is much more in life. If not defined now, it will be in future.

# Respect individuality. Respect one's decision. Respect one's condition, the reasons, the choice one makes. Why so much pressure is there? Peer pressure, elders and not even the younger people leave you. People who are married will show pity on you, people who haven't will include you in their despair. As if there is just no other way to exist. Once just cant be self sufficient with what the person is doing for the time. IS IT?

Everybody is different! Every relationship is different! 

I will take my life as it comes. Things will happen when its time. The time? I will decide. I will decide things when 'I' find it right. Its Me and completely my decision on everything I do. Right time will be when I feel it and Not when 'others' decide.

Cheers !!

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