Monday, 16 July 2012

A personalised storage box

This was made by me probably in the previous month. What I wanted was a box where I could keep all my small junkies and some craft items for proper storage. And this is what I did and you should do too, because it recycles, reuses and reduces in every way. 

Search a cardboard/carton box in good strong condition for the storage purpose. The box could be of a packaging material or must have come with some home product. I find no reason why you shouldn't be re-using it. What it may lack is a good look and that my dear friend is just minutes away. I here had a box which had packed a extension cord.

The simplest thing to do is wrap it in a gift wrapper, brown paper, old magazine paper or any other paper that may as well be re-used. I used a normal newspaper wrapping and see how looks it wonderful. Use adhesive, cello-tape etc. as per the requirement. 

Decor it with colorful beads, paints, simple sketch-pen drawing, interesting cut-outs or laces. I used a satin ribbon and some basic sketch pen use. Use your creativity, its open to your ideas. :-)

And this is how mine looked:



  1. Yet another creative, uselful, and sensible tip from U :)

  2. cute creation, simple and quick


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