Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Red


What does red mean to you ??

Danger, blood, love, passion, evil, energy !

Or maybe loud, bright, confidence, show off .... !!


Well, I had all these in mind before wearing my new red lipstick shade today, loud and clear. Inspired by some fellow bloggers and some Bollywood divas I decided I wanted to wear one too. I'm usually not a make up person but dunno I somehow I got fascinated towards this particular Red lipstick. I got this Revlon's Really Red shade #6.

Its usually a fear that you wont look good or may be look cheap. But then its actually how you feel and carry about. But never mind I'm no more afraid of my skin and color. No one should ever be. Be confident on who you are, duniya bhad mein jaye (hell with the world).

I have a outing day today but its raining. Maybe its gonna be getting drenced and enjoying :D

Have a happy weekend :)



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