Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How I hate it

I hate how my planned things are messed up.

I hate that  I don't stand up to my deadlines.

I hate that I don't give time to what I love but instead give major time to what I just need to do as a schedule. 

I hate how people just judge you and assume about you on some baseless talks.

I hate when small misunderstandings turn into big fights.

I hate that you are miserable and then get blamed on things.

I hate that nobody reads my blog.

I hate that when I pour my emotions here its like writing to a invisible person and no one known or stranger actually listens to me.

I hate that I'm unable to talk these in real life but writing here.

I hate that I'm writing this post like a fool.

I hate that I'm so angry and hurt now.

I hate that I'm acting so selfish on little things in life where the world fights on much bigger and important issues.



  1. People who love you , dont wanna hurt u ..
    yeh to bas sansar ki moh maya hai ladki .. jo jivan ke apadhapi mein , manusya ka masik starr bichalit ho jata hai , aur wo kehbal apni hi jivan rekha mein kahin ulajh jata hai ..
    tum Tensanwa na lo , bad things cannot stay for long time :)


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