Saturday, 4 August 2012

This day- Saturday

I guess I'll do a weekdays snapshot review too like the weekend ones :) or just a complete one. wouldn't it be nice to keep a memory of your days . :-)

This week has been as any other weekday goes . Home-Office-Home . Sometimes the rain accompanies you; sometimes you are all on your own . Alone driving, playing computer games or making a little piece of art work every day after work (Trying to make the creating-craft-every-day a regular habit) . Some stuffs are >> Here

Work is going BOrinGg okay type . In the last days of the month very obviously waiting for the salary to come (got yesterday ‘SmilinG’) . I actually have a long list of craft items to buy . I just gotta invest money in things like craft papers, scissors, paints, some fabrics etc etc etc .

No I havn’t forgotten, but just mentioning now about all this sudden craft things going on .

My sister who is a textile designer and me (little part) plan to have a Design Studio/workshop/shop for her work and where I would also keep my little art works for sale . Exciting! me too !!

But it isn’t going very smoothly. We have been looking various shops and residence cum office space on rent in the city but till now not so good luck . Finding a suitable place had put us in a lot of tensions and problems .

Every day she calls a lot of people, see lot of advertisements, websites and then we both go to meet the people of the respective places . Out of bad looking, bad smelling, bad locality, bad environment, mouthy owners, dirty bathroom , no ventilation houses, superb costly houses we are still on the look for a clean, fresh, good environment, good locality place . A small and well ventilated place would do . So far we got one place for consideration through Udayan i.e. better than other places yet a lot of repair work to be done . ** Fingers crossed**

This weekend there is no such plans planned . I want to go for my craft shopping but depends upon the weather .   :-(
This exact moment the weather outdoors is beautiful. I watch rain and the little drops falling of the tender branches . The pigeons enjoying themselves and then preening . This is the best thing about my seating place in office. A big glass window.

Rest plans are:

> Photography for the Blog on the theme 'Rain'.
> Self Out-fit photography.
> Cleaning and arranging my craft space.
> Some DIY and post of the Blog and Fb.
> Make the monthly budget
> Paint the pending birds.
> Some nearby nature trip.
>  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(Updated ;))
Also I want to talk about something that happened  yesterday . Me and My sister were heading for home and two guys on their motorbike followed us and harassed us. Shouting slang, laughing and teasing. We both shouted back for such and then their was a traffic stop we went to complain to the traffic police . Of course they fled and the little memory of us about their vehicle number failed .

We were so angry and frustrated out of this . I don't know why these men act like such .Yesterday was somewhat too much . I cant sit and let them shout and I shout back . I'm sure someday I might be in a big trouble . But there is so much anger within me facing such acts very frequently, that I'm just unable to control myself .

These people who harrass women on roads and just anywhere are nothing but Bastards . Scumbag Bastards. (I'm not sorry for my words as anger again fills in me) .


Lemme have a good day and you too  :-)




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  1. It fills me, too, with just so much anger by the way you and your sister were treated. I hate being treated poorly and disgustingly because I am a woman. It's not right, and it never will be. Like you, I should control my anger towards them and not outburst, but I can't help it! x


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