Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ahh september :)

Last weekend went in some crafty projects, a female photoshoot and preparing lunch for family :)

September is bringing me joy, expectations, hope and along with it tensions too.
This month I have a travel plan to North India to visit an old friend at her delivery time and meet 2 more favorite friends and of course some sightseeing and shopping. But major outlook of the trip is to have some time out of my regular life. I'm a lot tired of my work place and I need a desparate break. Traveling and having some time to myself is gonna sooth me a lot. I'm planing now what to wear, pack, see and invest there. :-)

I'm a little tensed about the financial matter for various reasons. Firstly I have a travel plan that includes a good lot money plus as I plan to include some shopping, then I have to buy myself a mobile phone, old one is falling to pieces and then "Its my Birthday" (28th) !!!!! A good lot of things, all at the same time!!! I'm trying to manage.

I like gifting myself things I adore or need, otherwise why am I even working! For money alone or stress?  No! I like treating myself (though I get very little chance) and when its my time, why shouldn't I :-)
I have lists of books (have a dozen unread), a dress I'd hand paint, shoes if I get a good deal, accessories, plants (Yes!), some makeup (not a very makeup person, though discovering now) and so on and on. I guess I'm gonna upload my wishlist in the Blog ...

Update: Wanna have a tattoo and at least start classes for either violin or dance :)




  1. I love to read wishlists .

    If you are coming to the North, I should Invite you to Mc Leodganj. It's beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh . You can come visit here along with your friends.


  2. Doing things for yourself is the most amazing thing indeed!!
    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  3. You should definitely treat yourself.. as far as birthday is concerned.. it's always a big deal..

    Thank u so much for the lovely comment and for following me.. following you back!!


  4. i think it's very important to treat yourself! i'm sorry you are stressed out, but it sounds like you have a lot of great things coming up. enjoy!

  5. tats a cute list for budday gifts, esp the books, accessories n shoes part!
    hopped onto ur blog and following u now, follow me back if u like :)

  6. Thankyou so much for the lovely comments and giving your time here :)

    Following you girls and @A. I'm going to Jalandhar and New Delhi for a short time. Thankyou for the idea! must look for it next time :) I stay in the eastern state of Odisha :)

  7. This is your month (come September) :-)
    And that reminds me of that tune with the same title Come September.

    Like your wishlist except for one thing.... . . . . . . .Tatoo.
    Somehow I don't like it :-(

  8. That sounds like a pretty amazing month. Now I want to write a blog like this! :)

  9. Your travel plans sound amazing! What a great event to look forward to.

    And I definitely like to treat myself... like you said, otherwise what is the point of working?! :)

  10. Hi...there is an adage - well begun is half done. All the pictures that you have captured are nice one and, each picture is worth of having thousand words. By the way, each comment that you have received for your blogs should be treated as a special gift - what do you want more:)

    Keep on regrets for anything...just enjoy the way you want!!!


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