Saturday, 1 September 2012

and September begins with more love.

The 1st of September starts with a weekend. \m/ Yeahh!! It's is my birth month and so is my blog's Name. :-)
""A September Girl".

My birthday is on 28th Sept and if I say I don't care about my birthday or don't wait for it then I'd purely be lying. I like celebrating my birthday and my life. I don't care that my age is increasing, I don't care that I would have to be more responsible in my life and that I have to act more mature AND I don't care that I'd be under more family pressures coming on. I know life brings all these for free :-P and I'm gonna handle it anyway sooner or later :-)

All I know is that I have god given life, a good life, a superb family, cool friends, cutie pets and love for them all. I know I'm born for a purpose and that living another year is my chance to celebrate life.

You know what I love more about my life! I love that My home is in the outskirts in the city in a peaceful place. I love that its surrounded by nature and always full of chirping birds and fluttering butterflies. My home and my room are very dear to me, that's why I just had to mention that. I love that my father and mother work hard and together make our home a home and we sisters always mess around :P I love that I now have four cute dogs around my home who always welcome me to my home, to be loved and fed. I love that I have a cutie pet dog at home who makes us work around him and reduces our stress and of course gets loved a lot. I love that even after my many tantrums many people are there to protect and love me always. I love my pa, ma, and my 4 sisters. I love my best friend. I love that I'm crafty and learn new crafts soon. I love that I have inherited my many skills from my family, specially sisters.

I love that I spend my time and money more in books, novels and comics particularly and less on clothes and makeup. I love that I love gifting my handmade products to my friends. I love that I participate in nature conservation and have been out for so many wildlife expeditions like this, and love to explore my own Indian State 'Odisha' as a priority like this.

I love that my next plans are to create my own line of handmade products and sell them. :-) This is gonna be super FUN!!

I think I should stop this lengthy emotions flowing now :-P It would be sounding boring. I'd write more later. Nevermind...

Have a superb weekend friends. This weekend, I'm gonna work for my sister's design studio setup, work on some craft, do a portrait photoshoot and have some peaceful time with family.
Friends who read by, please take time to let me know you and do leave a comment.

and That's me :-)

Clicked by my buddy Udayan. :-)

Lots of Love <3
Tanuja  ^_^


  1. This is such a sweet post. When is your birthday btw? Happy birthday anyway and hope you have a beautiful month!!:)

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  2. Sometimes we are so messed up with daily chores, that we forget the sweet things that are in our life :) .
    I'm glad u had stopped by , looked for those things nd cherish those small lil things that makes life simple and lovable . :)

    but hey , u know what , september gives me tension :( ..
    Pata hi nehi hota ki tujhe gift kya dun karke :D ..


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