Monday, 24 September 2012

Back to my city, my home :)

After 8 days of trip out and constant traveling I'm finally back to my home town, Bhubaneswar. I reached around 3.30 AM in the morning, had a super little nap and now in the Office by 9.00 AM feeling drizzy.

I had a nice time out, meeting many friends, watching new places, new experiences, explorations, some shopping with my sister and having lots of food. Also includes some weird and bad experience too. Will be back with photos and details on it. I haven't have a peaceful sleep and now in office I'm kinda waiting to be at home and sleep in my comfy messy room, use my own bathroom and do things at my timing :D I missed my messy life a lot and my people here.Travel anywhere in the world, but for me Home is Home :D

But then my next travel plans starts forming too 8-)

See yah soon in a better mind and health

Tanuja <3 

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  1. when i get lost in the meadows , jungles , beautiful scenery , or may b roaming in the cities , etc etc .. i feel happy , i feel tranquilized with the effect of the good place , but then at last .. chahe jitna bhi polluted ho .. aur life kitni bhi frustoo ... ghar jaisa kuchh nehi :D
    Welcome back kaminii :D


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