Friday, 28 September 2012


Its MY day! My Birthday !!! :)

I'm 26 now, single, independent, at job and managing my own life.

But "A kid at heart"  :-) 

I'm not afraid to share my age as I'm proud of the life I have lived. 25 years of ME! No, I'm not a person who is so in love with self. Its just that I have grown out of deep depression to accepting life with happiness. From being ignored and ugly and self conscious to being more open to life, feeling beautiful and taking people's notice. I'm still a shy person yet confident on who I am! I take my own decisions and  responsible for my acts. I'm 'only' 26 and have a longgg life to breath in..... CHEERS !!!!   :-)

Coming back to present, My day went quite nice except that I had to attend office. :-(
From midnight wishes from family and friends and best friend :*  to loads of wishes from office colleagues.
A lunch out with my dear friend and a evening snack and dinner with the family :-)
Treat to other friends is due for next month :-P

There are many things that made me smile for my birthday !!!

Midnight Wishes <3

My hand painted OWL dress! Spent nights painting it, though owl legs are yet to be painted .

Dressed up for the day and was off to office. Was a lot into blue and white today. Got many praises and likes for it. :-)

At office got a surprise card on my laptop and flowers and a b'ful necklace set from my friend Tripti. So sweet of you! Thankyou so much :-)


Automated company Intranet Portal wishes :-P and other birthday wishes through it. :-)

Had a lunch out with my best buddy! Ate a lot, shared a coffee and got lovely presents>> A personalized card, flower and one of my wanted novel 'Life of Pi' :-)   A gift is pending ;) Do not forget !!
Did a little photo shoot after it ;-)


A cake made by my nephew for Me!!! How sweet :-)
Had a nice and peaceful time at home :-)


Thankyou for my people, my parents, my sisters, my friends, my best friend, my pets for my wonderful life.
I'm blessed and I'm loved :-)

Stay Tuned for:

Making of the Owl Dress
Birthday Outfit Post
September's Thrifting
North India Trip review (Punjab and New Delhi)


  1. Birthday wishes Tanuja.May God Fulfill your Thoughts

  2. happy birthday :)
    it was also my best friends bday today... had so much fun :)
    n ur looking very pretty :)
    enjoy :)

  3. happy birthday doll, may you smile forever. I loved the dress. You are looking gorgeous!!

  4. Wish you a very happy though belated birthday!! May God bless you and fulfill all your dreams :)

  5. Loved this article of yours , it was simple and sweet :) .
    the creative kidda (bug) inside you is growing day by day , make it a monster :D
    and long gone are the days ,trust my words , u look beautiful :)

  6. Someone had an amazing day! Belated happy birthday girl! Loved the post and your blog is pretty interesting!


  7. Did u handpaint that dress Tanuja? Like seriously? I am in love with it already! The blue owls (oh, I am an owl maniac) look perfect on that white dress :). Belated Happy Birthday :) You look lovely! I love the pictures!

    Thanks a ton for all those sweet comments on my posts. Appreciate it :). Following you!


  8. Happy belated birthday! The owl dress is so cute!

    Sita & Radha xx

  9. Belated B'day wishes Tanuja..wish u stay happy & healthy,living ur dreams
    P.s u gotta sucha pleasant blog to read, love it!!!

  10. belated happy birthday dear....

  11. Thanks for your lovely comment, started following you :)

    Sita & Radha xx

  12. Heya Girl !
    Happpyyyy Birrtthhhddaaayyy ! *Hugs* May all your wish come true.
    Thx for stopping by at my blog doll !
    i love your post !
    i wud love to follow each othr ! following you now. :)
    keep in touch.. *Hugs*
    xoxo <3

  13. belated happy birthday :) i like your blog! hope you can visit my blog and follow :)

  14. Belated Happy Birthday Girl!! You look beautiful.. love the owl painted dress/kurta!!!


  15. Great Pictures! Belated Happy Birthday and what are those books…



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