Saturday, 27 October 2012

October Already!

omg! October is already going to be over and I haven't even posted much yet! where did the time go o.O

My BSNL Broadband has some trouble, that's why I wasn't in touch with my facebook, Gmail and blogging for 4 days :D  Now I'm back after my Dusshera Holiday's and here what I did in the mean time :) (blogging from office :D)

This Dusshera went quite fine. I had 4 holidays in series and I used them to full.

Sunday first half went in birding. My blog friends would hardly know that I’m a hobbyist Birder that means, I enjoy watching and photographying birds. I go on common/interesting bird searching, participate in migratory bird counting in the State and also participate in Bird welfare campaigns. (I'm also a butterflier- You'd know this from my Photography Blog)

This time it was counting Open billed Storks nests for study and research purpose at the Nandankanan Zoological Park, Bhubaneswar

Many wild-lifers and naturalists participated in it. These birds are very huge and beautiful specially in flight. I was amazed to see their nesting ways. We got into groups and counted nests tree wise.


Later in the afternoon we had a lunch out with our relatives. We all traveled far out of the city with our grandmother and of course chiku had to come along.


Later in holiday's I cleaned my room as much as possible, cleaned as many clothes and decored one of my naked shelf with beautiful newspaper and 'kite paper cover' :)


A she dog has given pups in our backyard.. Sweet na! :) Our family absolutely adores dogs.


I completed reading Life of Pi..A very interesting and adventurous novel. Now waiting for the movie. Now reading The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh.


Baby-sited my grandmother and pet dog, while my family went off to visit various Puja pandals and enjoy their time :)


On the final 10th day of Dusshera, we all did puja at home. The vehicles and machines and instruments were worshiped. I went shopping with sister and visited one Durga Puja pandal on the way. It was so full of lights and decorations and colorswow :)


Will be back soon with more October Updates :)

Have a lovely weekend :) Hope you are having a fab time!!

Love <3
Tanuja :)


  1. Nice :)
    Great pictures :)


  2. Looks like fun days :) Lovely photos! xo akiko
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  3. hi! lovely pics!
    i'd love you to visit mine ;)
    kisses from Spain,

  4. Tell me how The Hungry Tide turns out to be. I have the book and haven't read it yet...

  5. and its november already!!...

    Loved Life of Pi and absolutely loved reading the hungry tide!!!

    and durga puja was family fun..not to mention hectic!!!

    glad that I stumbled by your blog girl!!!

  6. wow nice photographs tanuja..
    hope u had an awesom tym at the park..
    i loveeeee dogs tooo.. would love to see pics of those lil puppies =)

  7. Durga pooja is always special. I liked d pandal pics.nice post

  8. Very nice pics bud :) , specially of the puja , plus the doggie :)
    keep sharing :)

  9. I make DIYs on Youtube ! :) You can check them out here:


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