Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Festive Season!

October fills me with a beautiful festive mood. There is Dussehra and following it there will be Diwali the major festivals of Hindu religion. I'm not that of a religious person but if some occasions brings happiness and family together then I'm all into it :) Yehhh to the holidays !!

We worship Maa Durga on her victory over demons. Also Goddess Kali, Laxmi and Lord Ganesha and Kartikay is worshiped. All basically a victory of good over evil. It is to remove the darkness, obstacles, problems, poverty and bring in light, prosperity, wealth, goodwill, luck and happiness. The city would be adored with huge decorations, lights everywhere, music and huge crowd will be gathered for the blessings around the beautiful earthen idols.

To understand this in a true sense, its all about believing in good. What I dislike about the now celebrated puja is that we spend a lot too money in the outer decoration and political part rather than actually doing some good for us or the society. ALSO it is the sacrifice in the name of god that is insane. (No I'm no more eating meat and turning into a more cruel free diet and living)


I have 4 days holiday including a Sunday. I usually don't make any far-away travel plans but spend my time at home. :)
I have a list of things to do in this Puja holidays. Check it out:

- Make my room clutter free, decor and bring in more positive energy.
- Make/buy gifts for my family members and two far away new moms.(My sister and a friend)
- Re-paint my home's entry space and the living room and decor with some festive colors of violet, indigo, gold, magenta and orange.
- Make homemade sweets (Gajar ka Halwa! Rasgulla? YUM!!)
- Make a birding trip out.
- Do cooking :) some new recipes??
- Have an outfit photo-shoot for my sister's textile work.
- create the 'This and That' Fb page and make crafts for it.

There is more which I'll eventually complete by Diwali... :) and of course share with you my dear friends.


What are you planing friends? 
Enjoy and have a nice time and have fun with your family and friends.  :-)

Love <3
Tanuja :) 


  1. aww loved reading this post :)
    festivals are so much fun no ? and with family n frnds it feels so good:)

  2. I loved your last post, I enjoyed your shopping spree.

    October, for some reasons doesnt brings me happiness.

  3. lovely blog! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  4. thanks for your comment! just followed you in gfc, hope you will follow back like you said :)

  5. I like your photography. Checked out some of your photographs too.
    And yes, I now follow you so that I can get updated on your post. Waiting for you :D

  6. hey ive given u an award :)


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