Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Final touch!

The Dusshera Part of October has been told here  :-)

Rest there have been many other activities to share too. Before posting on November I wanted to finish my October tales. :)

After Birding, Family hangouts, Making shelf covers, caring for new born puppies, reading two novels and attending and enjoying the Durga Puja,  I ... 

Went for a Street-photo walk with other city Photographers. :-) got some great shots, would share soon :-) 
Bought these three beautiful finger rings. Bee ring from ShopNineteen website, Blue Flower and Butterfly ring from local shops.


Thrifted these two Tunics from local exhibitions and got some matching dotted clips.


Attended one of the monthly, 'Meet the Artist Programme' the initiative of the great artist Jatin Das.


 Some self photo-shoot for my sister's Textile work : Chinese collar top with mulberry buttons.

Visited one of Ruskin Bond's story telling session at the Odisha Literary Fest. !!!
WOW! I'm such a huge fan of Ruskin Bond and a chance to be here was simply AWESOME. Cant tell you how much!! Like a dream come true. I promise I'm gonna meet you one day at your residence Ruskin Ji :)
Also seen there were Vishal bhardwaj and other writers, directors and artists.
How cool is that !! :-)
(I know I look messy, I had to come running within officer hours :-P)



Took a lot of stress after BSNL services, Passport work (visiting local Police Station several times)(done), Mobile Repair (Still pending), returning online shopped stuff (Arrgh!) which is again pending...

p.s. Would soon review a bad experience with one of the online shopping website.  :-x

Hope all you lovely ladies have a nice time ahead. Enjoy and keep your spirits high !!! 

love <3
Tanuja :)


  1. Thanks a lott for stopping by my blog dear! Those tunics you bought look very pretty! :) It's nice you had soo much fun last month, and now comes the Diwali festivities : )

    PS- I am following you via GFC now!

  2. Looks like u did a lot!!! Love all the stuff u got.. Those rings are really pretty!!!


  3. I loved how you put everything you did in pictures :) Loved that top!

  4. Thrifted means to buy vintage clothing from a second/hand thrift store. You bought from an exhibition, that couldn't be farther from thrifting!
    The rings look so pretty. Please do share your negative experience with the website, I too have had + shared some, it's important to warn people about these websites.

  5. you know some photography...Ab DSLR le lo bas :)

    I have followed you but don't get your updates. Will unfollow and follow again 2 see if that works...happy Diwali...Hope you are enjoying Tanuja...


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