Monday, 31 December 2012

R.I.P Humanity

This is all I have to say after the death of the 23 year old girls death after a gang-rape in New Delhi.

I would not exactly say it as a gang-rape. Rather I would say its pure torture to a being. Nothing but a lifelong torture to your body, mind and soul. To you and your family.

Can you imagine something like that happening to you. ! No, only thinking scares you to death. This is not one case, there are hundreds of similar cases going around but neither the people have changed not there has been any change in the govt laws. The same men who are standing in candle march today are going to tease and grope a women tomorrow and the same girls who are protesting today fearlessly in a crowd are going to take 10 precautions and move around in the city with a lifetime fear. And what the government does is cancel the new year parties! That's ALL!! and how come we are hearing more of molestation and rape cases after this incident. Are people inspired by this??

After this major incident I seriously have started doubting on the existence of God as well as man-made laws. How could the god be cruel to a innocent girl. How come the man has become so cruel. I'm pained and I feel helpless at the situation. I don't know what to do and think further about my existence. Do I have to fear every time I travel and move around in my own city or country. Why can't I wear what I want to and why cant I stay in the city till late. Why do I have to be with a man to feel safe and why can't I easily think about traveling in a public transport. What do I Do? Do I now have to learn self defence, carry chilli powder, pepper spray or a knife with me. Why am I worrying so much? Why the hell!

I know people are going to be least bothered to read this.

Anyways Take Care.


  1. Its just men who are least bothered..Women read and carry on being scared...

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