Monday, 11 February 2013

Somethings Shopped!!

Hey frens :)

So what does my little shopped things include!!!!!

For special Occasions:

A beautiful RED Chanderi saree! Everybody asked me on why I bought a Red bridal saree. Dunno, but I really loved this red one. I already have a Black and Red was in my list. <3
Absolutely love these sarees. They have beautiful gold woven textile work and are sheer.
Hope will have a complete post on this.


For my Lips:

Ordered this Trial Pack of Amway's Attitude lipsticks through elder sister. :-)

The shades were pretty good. The tube sizes are small but actually enough as trial packs. (Different packs might be having different shades.)

The Pack Says:
Attitude Lipstick is enriched with Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil to help keep your lips soft & smooth. It also contains Vitamin E & Sunscreen agents at SPF 15 level, which helps to nourish & protect your lips all day long against damaging effects of UV rays.

I'd add:
Nice Lipsticks in a good price plus good for your lips. They don't last too long and have a slight glossy effect. Fair girls can try out all the shades but on my dusky skin, light shades like the Simply Lilac and Pearly Pink didn't suit at all.

This tester pack costs150.00 INR. Attitude lipsticks costs 275.00 INR-259.00 INR

P.S. Good for travel ;)


For my casual Saturdays:

I experimented with some online shopping and Ordered these 3 casual Tees and a neck-piece from It was my 1st order with them so decided to get something risk free and cheap.

Fits were nice and good material. Packaging was okay. I wish they gave it in a good box.

They look crushed, because I've already worn them :-P
This was the neck-piece. A 3-layered metal one. I'm actually thinking of cutting one out and wearing it single as shown in the middle picture.
Good for my sarees as well as some evening parties.


For my Ethnic Wear:

Shopped these from a State Tribal Fare! There were so many varieties and I already have few designs. Got these this time. One matching set (250.00 INR) and a bracelet (120.00 INR)


These posts have been pretty written earlier and some lasts updated lately. As this is my personal blog I'd write what I would like to share myself about and on anything.
Today I had been quite upset, crying actually as one of our pet puppy (Jhilli) passed away. She was a very cute cuddly stray pup. We have been caring for her since last 4 months. She suddenly got sick and before we could take her to the vet, it was too late. I'm sure nobody here really bother's to read these things, but I just had to write it up here. After all its my space. There is another puppy (Mili) to whom we are tending to. We (me and my family) are really caring and hoping that she grows well and healthy.
 Jhili: We'll miss you baby and love you always. :'(
Mili: Be a good girl  :-)

Here's a pic of them:

Jhili (L) - Mili (R) Love you girls :-*

Love <3


  1. The snippet of the sari looks gorgeous! You should definitely do an outfit post wearing it :) The printed tee's are really cute, especially the one with the bumble-bee!

    Sita xx

  2. Loving the pearly pink lipstick....How are you Tanuja?

  3. I think d first necklace with go beautifully with d red chanderi saree u bought.
    I too adore these sarees..they add a lot class n glamour to d look when worn appropriately..

  4. the saree looks gorgeous :) and ur tshirts r too cute:D

  5. and awww , sad about ur puppy :( ive never had a pet but seen so many friends getting so attached with their pets, its really sweet actually:)

  6. The saree is gorgeous and I love those casual tee!!

    So sorry about jhilli.. May her soul rest in peace!!!


  7. so sorry about Jhilli :(
    hey btw loved the sari, red is my fav color too, and I agree its kinda bridal :)
    and the 2 necklaces..can you parcel them to me ;) esp the fringed one!
    take care,

  8. Shopping is good for health!

    Sorry to hear about Jhili! :\

    Nice post.. Happy Blogging! :)

  9. There is ought to be photo of you , with the things u bought :) .

    and i'm sorry for the loss of jhili nd mili :(

  10. oh! so sorry about jili :(, I have the blue tee too, from myntra. beautiful jwellery and saree too.


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