Sunday, 3 March 2013

Feb, the good and the bad

The Good was:

In Random Sequence

Met Nandita Das.
Could you believe! Yes! Nandita Das! at one JDCA Film Festival.
Oh how much I love her beauty and style and the talented person she is. The more said the less.
Even in the simplest of attires, she looks the most beautiful.
The Film Festival is organised by JDCA i.e. Jatin Das Centre of Art. Jatin Das is an eminent painter and artist and should need no introduction. The film was foccussed on Buddhism and I really liked the few movies I was able to watch.

The festival place-----Jatin Das in the hat------DLSR movie making workshop and some artisans working there as a part of festival.

After much planing and awaiting, we the office girls team finally made a day out on a Saturday. We being in different departments of the company couldn't always make it possible. Yet we missed a few girls out.
Still a good time and we had fun! Food, street shopping, window shopping, scooty rides and just roamed here and there.
I got a pair of bronze anklets and a office-going casual sandals.

Traveled to Mangalajodi, a Birds Paradise in my state.
This too happened after tens of failed plannings. The bird migration season was almost off, still we had a good time.
Got a good collection of Bird's photographs.
Me, My Nephew and My best friend :-)

Celebrated Chiku's 5th Birthday <3 :* muaahh

A morning 'nature watching' trip to a local Medicinal Garden, very near to my home.
The junglie ppl

Met some of my old college friends. That was some stress relieving. We talked all college non-sense and laughed like Idiots. :-) No photos there :-D


The Bad was:

Both our beloved girl puppies died :( Doc said maybe some random spreaded disease. :'(
I still miss them.

It took me around 2 years to realise I'm so tired of the current workplace. Not only in terms of physical but mentally. Recently work pressure has increased so much, I am left with no energy to do any other work or meet my folks and have some good time. :(

Tens of works pending, from bank paper works to shopping basic things to passport work and so on on on.

Anyways frens, hope you all having a NICE time out out there. I'm again missing out reading and writing blog out of hectic schedule. Still trying to catchup. :)

Tanuja :)


  1. oh wow Nandita Das looks so pretty in person! n chiku looks so cute
    oh girl, so sorry to hear about the girl puppies :(
    and I totally get you about the work situation - feeling the same lately, no time left to meet anyone or do anything else - get too tired with the daily travel. need a change for sure!

  2. Summary of the feb :D , but u gotta thank me too for asking Nandita Das to pose :D , u took advantage of it :D
    Goods nd Bad are Part of life , but i do hope the next month would be more of good things to come :)

  3. NIce concept for the blog Tanu mam ;-)

  4. the cake so yummy and v nice post
    loved reading every bit of it
    lucky to pose with Nandita Das and v sorry for d puppy :( :(

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  5. met Nandita Das!!!!

  6. Would have liked to attend that DSLR workshop (and of course have a dekho at Nandita Das too)


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