Saturday, 17 January 2015

My patchwork curtain!

Hey there!

This new year, I have been decorating my overall home and my room and had been busy painting walls, choosing decor and buying stuff etc.! I'd like to update here about my room stuff :-) 

Here's a patchwork curtain I made for my room :-)

It's a small window and not much opened. Chopped off my old stock, took some time and did it!
I'm loving it. Adds instant color to the space, very rustic, personal and vibrant I must say. Various patterns and translucency level adds to it. A grey wall on it's side is in transformation stage; will update the whole look soon!


  1. So original and wonderful! *-*

  2. Aww..very pretty:)

  3. Wow
    This patchwork curtains are nice
    I am already following ur fb page

  4. A very unique curtain :)


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