Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My New Curtains

>> New Curtains  

Since ages was thinking about making something for my room. Then finally thought of creating a brand new curtain for my windows. Transparent, leaves falling and in light color to let in more light. :)

Drawing the Pattern
Bought appropriate fabrics for it and started on my work :) ......
Everyday I did little work to complete it by Deepawali...but the idea and process what I choose was much time taken. Spreading out the fabric, making out patterns, cutting leaves from satin cloth and so on. I even burned the sides of the satin leaves with candle fire as they were difficult to stitch and then they were sewed to the organdy fabric of cream color. It took me around around one month to complete it. Of course it was not done everyday nor was I worked on regular basis. After much effort it was finally completed, borders stitched and woah it looked like one bought from a store.


I loved my work :) Quite impressed with the effort ^_^
Cutting and Setting the pattern
Hanging over the windows it gave the effects of leaves falling by. I made a tree trunk stuck on one upper wall and painted few more leaves on the side walls to complete the effect. :)

The beautiful satin leaves

Stitching the leaf on the fabric

See how it looks :) ...

The final output :) I found it very beautiful <3

Have added some leaves on the wall for the effect of complete falling leaves :

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Radio Interview :D :)

Hey I had an interview as a Photographer on radio on Big 92.7 FM today :)

Thanx to RJ Rajiv who was cool enuf to call me :)

It all started with a fren request in Facebook reminding me that we were friends in Orkut (another Social Networking Service). I remembered him as a RJ long time back and then he asked if I would like to talk on Radio on photography. I was like 'What me!' 'Are you Kidding' 'I'm shit scarred' :P But then we finally fixed a time to have the interview.

Saturday around 3.30.

There I was in time with Udayan which meant another photographer to be interviewed. I actually thought him to be interviewed next time, but then we made it together :D

After a little chit chat with the RJ, and some sense nonsense talks, we were into the recording studio from where he was heard to the masses. We were given Mikes over our faces and then very casually asked questions. He was sounding low and me high...and hearing my voice back, I hated it but laughed at it :P

Were interviewed like how we started on Photography, what we liked to photograph, what we have for enthusiastic photographers and some more about it. :)

We even repeated some of our lines that went gibberish :D we were still scared :P But it was all fun too.

RJ Ranjiv was cool for our mistakes too :P that made things easy. But seriously voicing for radio even when people don't see you isn't a easy task. take my words. :/

Hats off to people who made made it in the Radio world.

Our interview was over, quickly edited and was about to be played live. We didn't really know whom to ask in our friends circle to hear us so we had a friendly chat with RJ Ranjiv, made a goodbye and came down to listen to ourselves.

we switched to the channel, waited to hear us. We knew we have messed it and now didn't wanted to hear out of embarrassment. Still with excitement and forgiving us as it was our first time on Radio we listened to ourselves. Not bad I would say :)

Thankyou Rajiv, your one amazing person. Overall it was a nice experience :)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Still in Puja holiday Spirits ^_^

I am back at office after a short Durga Puja vacation from Office. Its kinda shocking to sit here and try to work after the situation of you sleeping last 3 days without any worry. Three days of vacations, dunno where did they vanish :P

Di has come, with golu and pinxy and ma and pa and ofcourse chiku, we had all masti and mazak at home. Many of my frens had been outta state or town in holidays but I do not regret not going anywhere. I had quite a good time at home with my family and most importantly me. Missed someone from the family whom we have lost overtime, on the occasion of Puja and wondered how she would be doing now. :(

Khair, how can we interfere in God's plans. These puja times went in lazy days, late waking up, completing on hold chores, irritating my sissy's and golu, helping ma&pa, giving time to chiku and...loads of laughs, snuggles and get together around. :) We went for watching Dusshera in two pandals and Ravan-Podi near by which eventually turned to be flopshow because the effigy didnt burn down as planned. But we did enjoy the fireworks there.

I gave time to me, spend time in reading, little ofc work, movies and hey started making beautiful curtains for my room. It;s gonna take time and hope I complete it by Deepavali :)

Bud, our photography plans got down :( hope u get well  soon :)

Pinx off to Delhi last night and Di would be gone by Saturday and M gonna be lonely after all des...ho-halla at  home. :(

Overall had a pleasant time at home and coming to office felt like attending school the very 1st time :'(
I anyways came and now sulking :P

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

HappY 25th - I turnEd siLver ^_^

Heyyyyy.... It's mah birthday....25th :)

I have turned Silver :)

Its around 1.07 am now. Have got wishes from home, pinxy n mom n golu and di :) along with udayan and dyna and suchi. Got texts from Sonali my ofc mate, little n two unknown nos :P

The best part was Mum bringing a small muffin with candle on it to celebrate :) that was something very thoughtful and beautiful :) loved u ma :)

then getting a novel gifted by Golu :)  that was a read i had thought ages ago and forgotten to be bought. :)

then getting a song sung by my best fren :) tht was :') lovely

and hey gifting myself a giftbox of novels :) <3 hope the rest of the day goes well n nice...have taken an office holiday...gonna enjoy :)


Later in the 1st half of the day went in lazyness ;) :) As earlier plans for self shopping got flopped coz of the super sunny weather. Then had lunch treat out to udayan (Lovely gifts of flower, personalized card and lot) and coffee treat out to Pallavi. :)  Rest hardly any frens are in the city and Little didn't had time to come :/ Met some common folks in the same place, and got a plant gifted.

WAs back home for even loving family partying. :) all were excited with wishes and celebration. Pinxy had made a yum cake with mom n pa n golz..helped and made other items like, minced chicken balls & pasta. We all ate to our content and had an awesome :) 

Hope i have a superb year ahead :)

Me <3

Thursday, 4 August 2011


August 3rd

It’s about to be 7.00 pm. I return home from office. It is raining. I carry groceries and stationaries. I thank God that my scooty started after the heavy rain, as it usually doesn’t start and I was worried about it. I got under Raincoat and started my journey towards home. I drive. I drive….watching out the road traffic and signals, watching out the mud puddles. I see the grey atmosphere, now drizzling rain and dark people driving alongside.

I’m half way to my home. After my vision gets blurred with the rain drops and dust, I raised helmet’s glass to look the roads more clearly. But what’s that I feel? I get the sensation of the rain drops on my face. I raise my head to take in more rain. It feels wonderful. Refreshing! Why did I hate the rain all these time? It was lovely to get the rain drops melting on your body.

A little later I realize my whole face is wrinkled and eyes narrowed. I relax my face. Open my eyes more, turning my lips to a smile. I relax my body subsequently, that was rigid while driving. My thoughts had frozen. All what I was worried about was how less I would get wet in reaching my home and how soon and safely I would reach.

Now I look more. I feel more. My thoughts travel around. I look around me. Brightly lit shops, people taking shelter under those, raincoats and umbrellas everywhere. All hurrying up. A father and daughter crossing road. Men getting out of buses. Women waiting to auto rickshaw’s. People eating hot samosas under a plastic shed. A cow standing at a place and getting wet. I wonder if she’s enjoying the rain as much as I am now. All in shades of blue and grey. This is all so beautiful. As if a film is rolling by.

I hum a tune. I don’t remember the last time I had hummed one. Hmmm~~~mmm~~~mm
I slow down. I don't want to reach home early. I want more of this time for me. This is the time, I’m me. Neither I have to worry about official work nor its time to take in home’s. It’s just in between. The time all for me. I take deep breaths. Smile to myself. Take in more rain. Oh what a bliss. I continue humming and nodd my head with the tune.  

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Life Calling ...

The idea to write back in blog was from a long time. Since nothing much was going around with me to pen down I waited for my job's probation period to be over. It meant to write all about the 1st jobs weird experiences and learning's. As time passed out, I waited for my salary increment so that I write in a 'goody goody' feeling. After my assessment my salary was supposed to be raised. Its been more than a month and I'm still waiting for the raise and as obvious waiting to write the Blog. I'm still waiting...

Tempted to visit the blog, I re-designed it. Added new colors, style, photos and finally I  start writing...
Work pressure was ok but bad mood and experiment to learn blogging put me more off. I seriously dunno why am I writing now too. 


Life somewhere is going just fine, even more than fine, as once I dreamed and wanted to...but somewhere its stuck and is gives me a feel of being stagnant. I had dreamed of so much more outta me..with more life in it...things I wanted to craft, create and nourish. Things I wanted to  do to for myself, to please me, for my peace of mind. But why didn't I do it! I always made plans and never worked upon. I'm hell confused!! Its all because of me, I have failed somewhere... 

Now I wonder, It isn't too late. It's never late to your reach dreams. Its never late to do whatever you ever wanted to. And I'm gonna do whatever I had dreamed. With a not-so-bad job, I'm gonna be back to my hobbies....I'll be back to my Painting, Sketching, Photography and buying all dos books pending in my list to be read. I'm gonna travel all where I want to go.. It's never late. I'm gonna be dancing and playing violin.  It's never late..once again I'll be back to time where without hesitant I used to dream. Where.... my dreams never had any limitations...where dreams were what made me feel alive...breathed in me...   ^_^

............ <3