Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Shimla Trip - Day 3 and 4

Continuing my post from my last 'all-girls-hangout-trip' !  

On third day in Shimla, we took our booked cab and went for a city tour. It was good cold and we enjoyed our ride while sightseeing the beautiful places, covered in pine trees and scenic mountains with little houses all over it. We went to a adventure place and did go-karting (super-duper fun!), had awesome food, nibbled a lot, gossiped, laughed and enjoyed ourselves a lot :-)

Day fourth, we went in exploring a local wildlife sanctuary and a place called Naldehra. That was supposedly a golf place. We didn't took the local horse ride, but took a walk instead. It was a nice, green, hilly, chilly place. We had lots of tea and coffee in between of course ;-)

After this, with an overnight bus journey we were back to New Delhi.

Girls should definitely have such experience once. Chucking all responsibility and fear. Having all girls fun and exploring new places, people and food. There's a different kind of bonding one gets into and the fun is incomparable. You learn a lot, outta the comfort zone and come out with a different perspective than before :-)


A post of food remains from this trip, that I shall post next.

Meanwhile wishing you all a very great new year ahead. <3

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My Delhi-Shimla trip - Day 1 and 2

Hey there,

Post my trip, I got busy in real life and forgot about the blog. Here I am NOW! Lemme finish all my this years updates in the blog.

So me and my friends made an all girls hangout trip to Shimla! It was super awesome! Last min plans, last min shopping, lots of messy hotch potch happenings yet we made it! Had an awesome time in the Shimla-Kalka Toy Train which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list! Later visited the Mall road, Lakkar Bazaar and, had great food and had lots of fun. Watching and experiencing a new place, different people, super cold weather ... hmmmm nice :-)