Sunday, 15 February 2015

New Me!

Here’s a new me with a new hairstyle! 

I had always loved my long hairs. Dark brown, naturally straight and soft mane of mine! 
But I had always had this secret wish to go super short. And if not now, when? 

And Deeply inspired by Smruti, who went bald for a great cause of donating her hair to cancer survivor's wig making, my ponytail will also be donated to:

With a great cause in hand, nobody could stop me now :D 

:-) The old me

Taking a little inspiration from Halle Berry and few other random ladies with short hairs, I went for this. 

At Indulge Salon, Bhubaneswar. After immediate cut, hairs were too spiky which settled down after a wash.

   I’m loving this hassle free look and this change. Although many people have had negative reviews about it but I haven't cared much. I love it! A short hair cut doesn't make me any less women than I am! 

 My folks were cool about it.  For most people it came as a shock to see me like this. I knew how many girls envied my hair :D But lets take a chill pill, these are only hairs and they'll grow back. Nothing to fuss about. Till then lemme enjoy my easy-hair-days with short time to wash them and dry. :-)

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Fun at beach!

Sharing just a random post :-)

Beaches are one of my fav places to visit and relax. Planned a trip out with my dear 'ol college girls group and enjoyed as hell! We met after ages and had lots to gossip about :-D

This Puri beach is only one and half hour distance from my city. Puri is also famous for it's Jaganath temple :-)

Beach! I love you :-*