Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sorry for being late > but this is how my diwali went :P :)

Yeah.... I know I'm posting it so late :(

Its Christmas time and new year and I'm posting diwali :( But I was so busy these days that I got this late about my Diwali happenings :(  Still I wanted to share it with you my frens :)

The simple decor :)
I made those :) Rangoli and floating candles
Boom Boom!!!! the colony and our pet stray doggy, hiding from the street menace. Our another dog was hiding under the bed :(
Family time :)
Me! I made Apple Pie... believe me... it was YUM!
Clicked some bokeh! :)
ME! :P

Love <3
Tanuja :)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Fun at office in Diwali !

After a long time I had some fun that too in office and the occasion was Diwali celebration. :D Our HR dept. initiated this Ethnic wear day, Rangoli Competition and Room Decoration competition on Saturday i.e. two days before Diwali. We all enjoyed a lot, wore traditional clothes, made rangoli and in the room decoration we took the theme of 'Rangela Mela'. We created lots of funfair comical shops and enjoyed a lot making it typical like a local mela. I created a Photo Booth stall. 8-)

Best part was, we got best Decorated room award and got free tickets for all room members for any movie. So on the whole we all 24 people are going for Jab Tak Hai Jaan movie this saturday ;)

Let pictures say the rest!!!! :) Have a look :::::::

My Rangoli

Our Room Entrance
Various Stalls


My Stall...with my team member

They all had fun at my stall!!!1


Best Room Award    !!!!!!

And ThaT's ME :D 

Love <3
Tanuja :)

coming : Home Diwali photos :) 

Sunday, 30 September 2012

"The Owl Dress"

It was my birthday, and I was so sure to have an Owl dress for the occasion. I would have neither found a dress around shops here nor I could have afforded it anywhere else.

Never mind, painting the dress was always in my mind. I had very less time in hand because of a recent trip out. The basic dress was tailored in my sister's design studio and my part was pending to paint it. I was sure about the colors I wanted and so here it is for all the lovely ladies out there and friends who have liked my art work before :)

The owl cutout I made, mixing colors, creating eyes

Step by step

Me in the dress
I made that satin hair clip and also had blue painted nails :D

Created the legs and feather later with time in hand :D

The final 'Owl Dress'

Tanuja <3

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Birds on a book cover :-)

My nephew insisted me for making a cover for his created scrapbook. As he is a bird lover, I decided to create some birds in fabric paint. 

Tada!!!! I liked the final look of the scrapbook.

Drop by a comment if you happen to pass by :) I'd love it and it'll be a inspiration for me.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

A lunch out with office mates

After some planing and finding a date, we finally made a plan this Sunday afternoon. The plan was a little get together at Momi's place. Ofcourse she was cooking for 3 of us, Me, Tripti and Pooja. ;) Momi's husband included in being the host.

The afternoon it rained heavily and it was difficult to reach up. Late but we finally searched and reached and had a good time there. :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

A lampshade created

>> My nature lampshade 

I love reading novels or story books late night in the bed’s comfort till I fall in sleep. Reading in the low light of a bulb in my room was paining my eyes and with the bigger lights I had to get outta bed and switch them off. Being quite lazy and not wanting to get outta bed, I wanted a good enough light source by my side, better somewhere above me which I can use for reading without thinking to switch it off.

Combining two craft ideas found over internet, I started my work of creating a lampshade. Paper is what I found the easiest to work with. Found an old crafty paper and started the work of cutting, shaping, painting, fitting the bulb in and final setting in the room.

With patterns of butterfly, playing with the light emissions with the craft over it and simple floral painting I completed my beautiful lampshade. I’m quite impressed with my work and loving to see it well placed in my room. :) I hadn’t planned the final output and thus I got few ideas after it was all setup, that’s why it got a bit difficult to create that effect. Nevertheless see how beautiful it has turned out. :)

This is how it was made ... :)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Paints and Brushes

>> Birds in Paint

I wanted to start painting since ages but I kept finding excuses for myself. No time, no energy, stress blah blah …

How long can the brain keep you away from what your heart wants to do? One fine day I took out my frail painting brushes and borrowed some water colors. Taking nature as my inspiration I choose a sweet bird called Oriental Magpie Robin to paint.

They sit with there tail high
They sing beautiful songs
They have sparkling eyes
I can watch them for long ♥

Oriental Magpie Robin in paints :)

Painting from my own collection of photographs :) This a memory of Bhitarkanika :) I know this painting needs a bit of perspective...shall keep trying :)