Monday, 31 December 2012

R.I.P Humanity

This is all I have to say after the death of the 23 year old girls death after a gang-rape in New Delhi.

I would not exactly say it as a gang-rape. Rather I would say its pure torture to a being. Nothing but a lifelong torture to your body, mind and soul. To you and your family.

Can you imagine something like that happening to you. ! No, only thinking scares you to death. This is not one case, there are hundreds of similar cases going around but neither the people have changed not there has been any change in the govt laws. The same men who are standing in candle march today are going to tease and grope a women tomorrow and the same girls who are protesting today fearlessly in a crowd are going to take 10 precautions and move around in the city with a lifetime fear. And what the government does is cancel the new year parties! That's ALL!! and how come we are hearing more of molestation and rape cases after this incident. Are people inspired by this??

After this major incident I seriously have started doubting on the existence of God as well as man-made laws. How could the god be cruel to a innocent girl. How come the man has become so cruel. I'm pained and I feel helpless at the situation. I don't know what to do and think further about my existence. Do I have to fear every time I travel and move around in my own city or country. Why can't I wear what I want to and why cant I stay in the city till late. Why do I have to be with a man to feel safe and why can't I easily think about traveling in a public transport. What do I Do? Do I now have to learn self defence, carry chilli powder, pepper spray or a knife with me. Why am I worrying so much? Why the hell!

I know people are going to be least bothered to read this.

Anyways Take Care.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

How safe are we in our country?

I have 2 cool posts pending to post but all I am thinking of now is the news flashes about a 23 year old girl, beaten by a blunt object, raped by 5-7 men in a moving bus in the capital of India, New Delhi. Her male friend was beaten with iron rods and then both were thrown out of the bus. The bus authorities were with the rapists and helped them in this deed.

I know we bloggers are full of showing good clothes and makeups and lifestyle BUT this is important as well...

Do go through the news:

I think many girls in my list are from New Delhi. Please be aware and alert my friends :(

I'm sitting in office and my mind keeps wandering to this news. I'm angry and I'm hurt. The victim is in critical situation now with injuries in her intestines and stomach. How safe are we? How safe am I? Everyday women face so much of eve teasing and news as such make me think that I can be raped anytime and I can so easily be killed.


My home is little far off the main capital of the State. I drive TVS scooty for my transportation. Sometimes I drive around 6-7.30pm sometimes it gets late by 9.30pm. Yes I do get scarred but I have no other option than this. Public transportation in this area is also not that safe and delays my journey even more. The feeling of being teased or intentionally touched and harassed stays in my mind every time and every where I travel. With a company or not, it is there.

Why such news alerts are disturbing me? Why I'm feeling more scarred! How much more protective can I be while traveling just anywhere I wish to.

In my journey too I have faced eve teasing from male bikers going around me and driving fast to scare me. And sometimes even more than that. I don't know what fun is there for men but It certainly has scarred me to death. But then I have no other option. I cant just sit at home. Its necessary for me to travel.

Why do I have to be scarred! Why cant men be more sensible! Why is that the women is supposed to be the weaker side and fear from such things. How much more careful should I be! I wear no skin-showing clothes and I tie my hair so that its not obvious that a women is driving. But I wish I wouldn't have to worry about that!

Craziest thing I hear these times are:
  • blaming on the victim that she was encouraging 
  • she was provocating
  • ban on women's freedom to move, wear certain clothes and time limits
  • in some villages, women can not carry mobile phones and certainly can not wear western clothes 

This might be funny but this is how our authorities react: 

Just be careful girls and safe yourself. Be Strong and Be alert!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sorry for being late > but this is how my diwali went :P :)

Yeah.... I know I'm posting it so late :(

Its Christmas time and new year and I'm posting diwali :( But I was so busy these days that I got this late about my Diwali happenings :(  Still I wanted to share it with you my frens :)

The simple decor :)
I made those :) Rangoli and floating candles
Boom Boom!!!! the colony and our pet stray doggy, hiding from the street menace. Our another dog was hiding under the bed :(
Family time :)
Me! I made Apple Pie... believe me... it was YUM!
Clicked some bokeh! :)
ME! :P

Love <3
Tanuja :)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Fun at office in Diwali !

After a long time I had some fun that too in office and the occasion was Diwali celebration. :D Our HR dept. initiated this Ethnic wear day, Rangoli Competition and Room Decoration competition on Saturday i.e. two days before Diwali. We all enjoyed a lot, wore traditional clothes, made rangoli and in the room decoration we took the theme of 'Rangela Mela'. We created lots of funfair comical shops and enjoyed a lot making it typical like a local mela. I created a Photo Booth stall. 8-)

Best part was, we got best Decorated room award and got free tickets for all room members for any movie. So on the whole we all 24 people are going for Jab Tak Hai Jaan movie this saturday ;)

Let pictures say the rest!!!! :) Have a look :::::::

My Rangoli

Our Room Entrance
Various Stalls


My Stall...with my team member

They all had fun at my stall!!!1


Best Room Award    !!!!!!

And ThaT's ME :D 

Love <3
Tanuja :)

coming : Home Diwali photos :) 

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Final touch!

The Dusshera Part of October has been told here  :-)

Rest there have been many other activities to share too. Before posting on November I wanted to finish my October tales. :)

After Birding, Family hangouts, Making shelf covers, caring for new born puppies, reading two novels and attending and enjoying the Durga Puja,  I ... 

Went for a Street-photo walk with other city Photographers. :-) got some great shots, would share soon :-) 
Bought these three beautiful finger rings. Bee ring from ShopNineteen website, Blue Flower and Butterfly ring from local shops.


Thrifted these two Tunics from local exhibitions and got some matching dotted clips.


Attended one of the monthly, 'Meet the Artist Programme' the initiative of the great artist Jatin Das.


 Some self photo-shoot for my sister's Textile work : Chinese collar top with mulberry buttons.

Visited one of Ruskin Bond's story telling session at the Odisha Literary Fest. !!!
WOW! I'm such a huge fan of Ruskin Bond and a chance to be here was simply AWESOME. Cant tell you how much!! Like a dream come true. I promise I'm gonna meet you one day at your residence Ruskin Ji :)
Also seen there were Vishal bhardwaj and other writers, directors and artists.
How cool is that !! :-)
(I know I look messy, I had to come running within officer hours :-P)



Took a lot of stress after BSNL services, Passport work (visiting local Police Station several times)(done), Mobile Repair (Still pending), returning online shopped stuff (Arrgh!) which is again pending...

p.s. Would soon review a bad experience with one of the online shopping website.  :-x

Hope all you lovely ladies have a nice time ahead. Enjoy and keep your spirits high !!! 

love <3
Tanuja :)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

October Already!

omg! October is already going to be over and I haven't even posted much yet! where did the time go o.O

My BSNL Broadband has some trouble, that's why I wasn't in touch with my facebook, Gmail and blogging for 4 days :D  Now I'm back after my Dusshera Holiday's and here what I did in the mean time :) (blogging from office :D)

This Dusshera went quite fine. I had 4 holidays in series and I used them to full.

Sunday first half went in birding. My blog friends would hardly know that I’m a hobbyist Birder that means, I enjoy watching and photographying birds. I go on common/interesting bird searching, participate in migratory bird counting in the State and also participate in Bird welfare campaigns. (I'm also a butterflier- You'd know this from my Photography Blog)

This time it was counting Open billed Storks nests for study and research purpose at the Nandankanan Zoological Park, Bhubaneswar

Many wild-lifers and naturalists participated in it. These birds are very huge and beautiful specially in flight. I was amazed to see their nesting ways. We got into groups and counted nests tree wise.


Later in the afternoon we had a lunch out with our relatives. We all traveled far out of the city with our grandmother and of course chiku had to come along.


Later in holiday's I cleaned my room as much as possible, cleaned as many clothes and decored one of my naked shelf with beautiful newspaper and 'kite paper cover' :)


A she dog has given pups in our backyard.. Sweet na! :) Our family absolutely adores dogs.


I completed reading Life of Pi..A very interesting and adventurous novel. Now waiting for the movie. Now reading The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh.


Baby-sited my grandmother and pet dog, while my family went off to visit various Puja pandals and enjoy their time :)


On the final 10th day of Dusshera, we all did puja at home. The vehicles and machines and instruments were worshiped. I went shopping with sister and visited one Durga Puja pandal on the way. It was so full of lights and decorations and colorswow :)


Will be back soon with more October Updates :)

Have a lovely weekend :) Hope you are having a fab time!!

Love <3
Tanuja :)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Festive Season!

October fills me with a beautiful festive mood. There is Dussehra and following it there will be Diwali the major festivals of Hindu religion. I'm not that of a religious person but if some occasions brings happiness and family together then I'm all into it :) Yehhh to the holidays !!

We worship Maa Durga on her victory over demons. Also Goddess Kali, Laxmi and Lord Ganesha and Kartikay is worshiped. All basically a victory of good over evil. It is to remove the darkness, obstacles, problems, poverty and bring in light, prosperity, wealth, goodwill, luck and happiness. The city would be adored with huge decorations, lights everywhere, music and huge crowd will be gathered for the blessings around the beautiful earthen idols.

To understand this in a true sense, its all about believing in good. What I dislike about the now celebrated puja is that we spend a lot too money in the outer decoration and political part rather than actually doing some good for us or the society. ALSO it is the sacrifice in the name of god that is insane. (No I'm no more eating meat and turning into a more cruel free diet and living)


I have 4 days holiday including a Sunday. I usually don't make any far-away travel plans but spend my time at home. :)
I have a list of things to do in this Puja holidays. Check it out:

- Make my room clutter free, decor and bring in more positive energy.
- Make/buy gifts for my family members and two far away new moms.(My sister and a friend)
- Re-paint my home's entry space and the living room and decor with some festive colors of violet, indigo, gold, magenta and orange.
- Make homemade sweets (Gajar ka Halwa! Rasgulla? YUM!!)
- Make a birding trip out.
- Do cooking :) some new recipes??
- Have an outfit photo-shoot for my sister's textile work.
- create the 'This and That' Fb page and make crafts for it.

There is more which I'll eventually complete by Diwali... :) and of course share with you my dear friends.


What are you planing friends? 
Enjoy and have a nice time and have fun with your family and friends.  :-)

Love <3
Tanuja :) 

Sunday, 30 September 2012

September shopping !!

Hey friends :)

I told you already, how September is my favorite month here. I travelled, I enjoyed my birthday and here I'm sharing some of the things I shopped and thrifted from various places. I'm sorry for posting it late. :( Comments are welcome :)

A Kaftan top - It looks beautiful, summery feel.

Butterfly Top - Ain't it cute.

Owl pendant and ring - Loved it <3

Stone work ring for ethnic wear :)
Two earring sets - wore on birthday :)

This beautiful book from People Tree. I'm crazy about crazy things.
It is a big book, has a nice short story and beautiful artwork :) Just check out the size of the book as in comparison!

Bought a beautiful Bookmark from The Shop.
I like collecting and getting bookmarks.
These alphabet Harem Pants from People Tree as well. Its super comfy.
^^^ The above tops and accessories were thirifted from New Delhi markets. ^^^

* Following  are from Bhubaneswar*

Purple canvas shoes from Bata for the north journey!
Some makeup

Tanuja <3

"The Owl Dress"

It was my birthday, and I was so sure to have an Owl dress for the occasion. I would have neither found a dress around shops here nor I could have afforded it anywhere else.

Never mind, painting the dress was always in my mind. I had very less time in hand because of a recent trip out. The basic dress was tailored in my sister's design studio and my part was pending to paint it. I was sure about the colors I wanted and so here it is for all the lovely ladies out there and friends who have liked my art work before :)

The owl cutout I made, mixing colors, creating eyes

Step by step

Me in the dress
I made that satin hair clip and also had blue painted nails :D

Had to pair with blue leggings because of office guidelines :(
Created the legs and feather later with time in hand :D

The final 'Owl Dress'

Tanuja <3

Some other creative work can be found here :

Some paper craft, decor, and envelopes plus two hand made gifting bags.

A scrapbook fabric cover painted with birds.

Greeting cards from scrap paper

Lovely Lace Earrings

Giveaway one sided scribble note book

A personalised storage box

Hand painted greeting card

Another scribble note book

Some decor for baby shower

My beautiful Lamp Shade

Falling leaves curtains