Wednesday, 2 October 2013

'A September Girl's' Birthday

Hey friends, it was my birthday alright ! 
September is my favorite month because of that. It's special to me and my celebration to enjoy my beautiful life on earth. Taking wishes from my family and friends, I set new goals for me.
I left my job in September because I wanted my life's changes before it. Now things are so different. Differently free and full of excitement and hopes. 

Here are some snapshots of the day... :-)

The day was soothing and nice. Lunch at home, Pizza treat with my best buddy, again a pizza treat at home, cake cutting and then I went to my ex-office annual party. They were very warm towards me and I met my lovely friends there. My sister had to go outstation and that was the sad part.
At home, with the yum cake made by my nephew. Photo credit goes to him too.
Dressed for the party.
At home :-)
With the bestest friend :)
A self created thing is a must for my birthday. So here it is... a tote bag! the idea was to have a Eco-frienly gift and the inspiration was a big cormorant's feather.
My close friends from office gifted my this. Isn't wonderful ;)
My dress. Love it. It fits and flows like a dream.
The  !!!! by the best friend ;)
Self-clicked :D my big nose! :P
hmmmm :)

Fingers crossed for my wishes!

Have you noticed... I'm changing my blog design. Work is still in progress ;)

Love all
Tanuja :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

SOme SHoppiNg - part 1

There are some things I shopped recently but couldn’t make it on blog because of time constraints.
Now that I’m free to click and share those here they are :-)

Accessories >>

Three additions to my ring collections :-D 
A purple-blue finger ring. Cheap and girly (local store)
A pink bow finger ring - plastic but cute (local store)

Twin birds ring - looks very pretty (youshine)

Jhumkas - traditional earrings for the Indian wear (local exhibition)

Some simple wood pendants (local stores)

A beautiful metal and beads anklet ... love it (local store)

A Braided belt - a basic thing for the trendy look; wearing it over dresses (shop19)


the best ones >>

A Pari necklace - Love love love it <3 looks very delicate and special (snapdeal)

A collar necklace... had an eye on this since ages ... Its heavy and gives a very smart look (youshine)

Part 2 is apparels :)

Tanuja <3

Saturday, 7 September 2013

A stage of life comes to an end ...

The fun part of CSM.. some awesomest memories. Missing it already... Apart from work, the friends, the celebration part, functions, the canteen, tea between gossips, gol-guppa treat downstairs .... so so many things....

 22.11.10: I started blogging from my office desk. It pushed me into blogging and the 1st post was about my initial days.

Now … 

4.09.13: Officially and logically I have quit my day job but emotionally I’m yet to accept a different routine of life. Out of all my life’s stages like school and colleges, my work life is my most favourite and I’m going to miss it a lot. I was into a disciplined routine of life; doing things at a certain fixed time and working within deadlines. I was in the habit of a earning and spending mode. And the best part was FRIENDS. Some very near and dear ones with whom the otherwise boring work place was FUN! I’m gonna miss the time a lot. ..

To be continued ...

Tanuja :)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Fun at Office!

If you're following me, you'd know that I'm leaving my job soon for some good. Resignation and Knowledge Transferring tasks are going on AND meanwhile I'm serving my notice period here, we had some AWESOME fun at office.

An add-on to the things I'd miss and always remember of my Office. :-)

Indian Independence Day was celebrated with a theme of dressing up as per different states of the country. We were given Maharashtra and I was happy to get a distinctive state where the culture and outfits are so prominent, colorful and vibrant.

I must say that I'm never never afraid to wear Indian wear. ;)

Here are few pictures from the day: An Odiya girl turned to Marathi Mulgi ;)

me :-)

Women dressed in other State's outfits :)

Close friends :) All marathi's

Everyone was in great spirits :)

Hehe... police and dacoit from Chhattisgarh :P with the beautiful ladies 

I like this photo, only I closed my eyes :(

Our room :)  Jai Maharashtra :D

People had put such great efforts to dress up. I really loved the time we spent. :-)
I didn't invest much on what I wore but just got dressed in what I already had. By the way the nose ring i.e. the typical marathi nath I'm wearing has been DIYed. :P

Tanuja :-)

Monday, 22 July 2013

The big decision

It's more than two years and half that I had written my first blog post about joining my 1st ever full fledged job. Heres the post: Life in a Box.

The BIG DECISION is !! I'm leaving my job!

I haven't blogged since ages, but this is something I wanted to share in between before I make a complete come-back. After many temporary, small and voluntary jobs that don't even count much, this is my 1st serious job. A typical desk job that was good for a civilised women and it looked good to yourself and to your family to say others.

The job had given me many sleepless nights and headaches. Anger and frustration. But more than that it has given me a whole new life. A whole new platform for learning, meeting people, knowing my abilities and giving me a self-confidence that I AM something. Ups and Downs are there everywhere but this place, this company, people all are nice and have played an important role in my life. I have gained so much of experience and learning that I have started believing in myself. That I can manage my life and do whatever I want.. From an introvert I have opened up so much.

Leaving a job that tortured you may be an easy decision but here where I actually liked the place, leaving a job was a very very hard decision. But it is for some good in my life. From here I have to move on. To see more of my life and fulfill my desires. I don't want to regret later in life that I could have done this and that. I have to do all those things NOW. I don't wanna wait anymore to fly off, to catch some butterflies, to see a new world, to start a business in Photography or Craft!

I want to re-design my life and my home. I wanna sleep on a monday morning and work the whole night. I want to learn new steps to dance on my own tune... hmm... its calling me... My life!

To be very honest I'm hell lot of SCARED. I had got into a habit of earning and spending. Now life's gonna be different. I have to manage life without a constant source of income. I'm taking a big risk for this instability. But I'm praying that all would be fine. :-)

It just has to be :-)

p.S. I had been writing here when my mind wandered off during my office hours. Now I promise to come back soon with a new blog design and ME !

Miss Me :)
Tanuja :-)

Friday, 5 April 2013

Sorry for being absent, but I promise I will be back soon....

Hey Frens :)

I'm so sorry for being absent for such a long time.
Long working hours, hectic life schedule, house works and other activities are keeping me away from blogging.

But I promise I will be back soon in a new Avatar.

I have so many new experiencs, shopping list and things to say to you.

Stay tuned :)

... p.s.
Once I'm back I'll watch all your pending posts and get back to new followers...
Love you :)

Tanuja,,,,,,  :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Feb, the good and the bad

The Good was:

In Random Sequence

Met Nandita Das.
Could you believe! Yes! Nandita Das! at one JDCA Film Festival.
Oh how much I love her beauty and style and the talented person she is. The more said the less.
Even in the simplest of attires, she looks the most beautiful.
The Film Festival is organised by JDCA i.e. Jatin Das Centre of Art. Jatin Das is an eminent painter and artist and should need no introduction. The film was foccussed on Buddhism and I really liked the few movies I was able to watch.

The festival place-----Jatin Das in the hat------DLSR movie making workshop and some artisans working there as a part of festival.

After much planing and awaiting, we the office girls team finally made a day out on a Saturday. We being in different departments of the company couldn't always make it possible. Yet we missed a few girls out.
Still a good time and we had fun! Food, street shopping, window shopping, scooty rides and just roamed here and there.
I got a pair of bronze anklets and a office-going casual sandals.

Traveled to Mangalajodi, a Birds Paradise in my state.
This too happened after tens of failed plannings. The bird migration season was almost off, still we had a good time.
Got a good collection of Bird's photographs.
Me, My Nephew and My best friend :-)

Celebrated Chiku's 5th Birthday <3 :* muaahh

A morning 'nature watching' trip to a local Medicinal Garden, very near to my home.
The junglie ppl

Met some of my old college friends. That was some stress relieving. We talked all college non-sense and laughed like Idiots. :-) No photos there :-D


The Bad was:

Both our beloved girl puppies died :( Doc said maybe some random spreaded disease. :'(
I still miss them.

It took me around 2 years to realise I'm so tired of the current workplace. Not only in terms of physical but mentally. Recently work pressure has increased so much, I am left with no energy to do any other work or meet my folks and have some good time. :(

Tens of works pending, from bank paper works to shopping basic things to passport work and so on on on.

Anyways frens, hope you all having a NICE time out out there. I'm again missing out reading and writing blog out of hectic schedule. Still trying to catchup. :)

Tanuja :)

Monday, 11 February 2013

Somethings Shopped!!

Hey frens :)

So what does my little shopped things include!!!!!

For special Occasions:

A beautiful RED Chanderi saree! Everybody asked me on why I bought a Red bridal saree. Dunno, but I really loved this red one. I already have a Black and Red was in my list. <3
Absolutely love these sarees. They have beautiful gold woven textile work and are sheer.
Hope will have a complete post on this.


For my Lips:

Ordered this Trial Pack of Amway's Attitude lipsticks through elder sister. :-)

The shades were pretty good. The tube sizes are small but actually enough as trial packs. (Different packs might be having different shades.)

The Pack Says:
Attitude Lipstick is enriched with Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil to help keep your lips soft & smooth. It also contains Vitamin E & Sunscreen agents at SPF 15 level, which helps to nourish & protect your lips all day long against damaging effects of UV rays.

I'd add:
Nice Lipsticks in a good price plus good for your lips. They don't last too long and have a slight glossy effect. Fair girls can try out all the shades but on my dusky skin, light shades like the Simply Lilac and Pearly Pink didn't suit at all.

This tester pack costs150.00 INR. Attitude lipsticks costs 275.00 INR-259.00 INR

P.S. Good for travel ;)


For my casual Saturdays:

I experimented with some online shopping and Ordered these 3 casual Tees and a neck-piece from It was my 1st order with them so decided to get something risk free and cheap.

Fits were nice and good material. Packaging was okay. I wish they gave it in a good box.

They look crushed, because I've already worn them :-P
This was the neck-piece. A 3-layered metal one. I'm actually thinking of cutting one out and wearing it single as shown in the middle picture.
Good for my sarees as well as some evening parties.


For my Ethnic Wear:

Shopped these from a State Tribal Fare! There were so many varieties and I already have few designs. Got these this time. One matching set (250.00 INR) and a bracelet (120.00 INR)


These posts have been pretty written earlier and some lasts updated lately. As this is my personal blog I'd write what I would like to share myself about and on anything.
Today I had been quite upset, crying actually as one of our pet puppy (Jhilli) passed away. She was a very cute cuddly stray pup. We have been caring for her since last 4 months. She suddenly got sick and before we could take her to the vet, it was too late. I'm sure nobody here really bother's to read these things, but I just had to write it up here. After all its my space. There is another puppy (Mili) to whom we are tending to. We (me and my family) are really caring and hoping that she grows well and healthy.
 Jhili: We'll miss you baby and love you always. :'(
Mili: Be a good girl  :-)

Here's a pic of them:

Jhili (L) - Mili (R) Love you girls :-*

Love <3

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Happy New Year :) I'm back on blog

Happy New Year my friends :-)

This would be the first post of the year 2013. I know I'm so late :(
So many things have been happening lately that I seriously didn't dare to write a blog-post.

Hope my friends had a great time out and enjoying life to the fullest.

My New Year was simple dinner with my family and making some simple resolutions I seriously want to stick to. (Fingers crossed)

And those would be:
# Quitting my Job. Its nice out there but just not me. :)
# Exercise, really wanna get rid of my tummy fat the office gave me :(
# Would get into my own business, that I shall share the idea and planning is more concrete. :)
# Give my time and money to the environmental as well as human issues. :)
# Drink lots of water. I forget actually. :-/
# Buy all my needs before I leave the job. (Very Important)  :-D
# Pay my father back my DSLR's charges. :)
# And Re-Decor my complete house. \m/

Let me share my happenings of last few weeks:

Attended Inter-Company cricket match
New year celebration at Office
Jhili Mili our two cutie girls :-)
Chiku our handsome dog
Office time pass :-P
Made some Gajar ka halwa :) 
Cooked apple pie again.. it was yumyum. Good demand at home ;-)

Got a new Wallet from Max - a pair of funky bedroom slippers for me and sissy - my nephew got me these pretty earrings from an exhibition :-)

Participated in Annual Bird Census, Odisha  >Read Here<

Did a wedding photography assignment complete with delivering Albums and CDs.

Me at various occasions:

*At the wedding photography. I decided to look simple to grab least attention.
*At Rayagada (a tribal district in the state of Odisha). I'm standing in the open fields below a mountain. I went there with my sister for an documentary assignment. Again its best to look simple and local when you are in a rural place. Must say the place was full of peaceful nature and amazing feeling :)
*At an Anti-Rape campaign.

That's it for now. I promise to be updated more often.
Hey when you read the blog, comments are welcome or rather compulsory I must say :-)

Lots of Love <3
Tanuja :)