Monday, 19 October 2015

what's making me happy!

My new ventured profession as an artist takes up most of my time :)

Every new inquiry, every new order of my hand-painted artwork makes me excited. Shopping and accumulating all my fabric and craft things; then cutting, stitching, measuring, looking into individual requisites and finally painting my bags is what's making me HAPPY! and did i forget marketing it on Facebook and Instagram ;-)

Admiring my final output, packaging it, making it reach the client and getting appreciations is what I am absolutely loving the most.

The business is running small, the product doesn't cost much but it's really satisfying to just creating a happy clientele as of now. Hope to see it grow more! 

Sharing some pictures :) 

Promotional stuff!

A Magpie Robin

Pretty isn't? 'A white-rumped shama' bird

My tags

Painting in process

The backside of tote

wrapped up

Delivered in my self-made paper bags :)

That's my ART space ! Was painting a saree then ...


 Thank you for all the love and support <3