Monday, 22 July 2013

The big decision

It's more than two years and half that I had written my first blog post about joining my 1st ever full fledged job. Heres the post: Life in a Box.

The BIG DECISION is !! I'm leaving my job!

I haven't blogged since ages, but this is something I wanted to share in between before I make a complete come-back. After many temporary, small and voluntary jobs that don't even count much, this is my 1st serious job. A typical desk job that was good for a civilised women and it looked good to yourself and to your family to say others.

The job had given me many sleepless nights and headaches. Anger and frustration. But more than that it has given me a whole new life. A whole new platform for learning, meeting people, knowing my abilities and giving me a self-confidence that I AM something. Ups and Downs are there everywhere but this place, this company, people all are nice and have played an important role in my life. I have gained so much of experience and learning that I have started believing in myself. That I can manage my life and do whatever I want.. From an introvert I have opened up so much.

Leaving a job that tortured you may be an easy decision but here where I actually liked the place, leaving a job was a very very hard decision. But it is for some good in my life. From here I have to move on. To see more of my life and fulfill my desires. I don't want to regret later in life that I could have done this and that. I have to do all those things NOW. I don't wanna wait anymore to fly off, to catch some butterflies, to see a new world, to start a business in Photography or Craft!

I want to re-design my life and my home. I wanna sleep on a monday morning and work the whole night. I want to learn new steps to dance on my own tune... hmm... its calling me... My life!

To be very honest I'm hell lot of SCARED. I had got into a habit of earning and spending. Now life's gonna be different. I have to manage life without a constant source of income. I'm taking a big risk for this instability. But I'm praying that all would be fine. :-)

It just has to be :-)

p.S. I had been writing here when my mind wandered off during my office hours. Now I promise to come back soon with a new blog design and ME !

Miss Me :)
Tanuja :-)