Thursday, 30 August 2012

Too much of Hate is it?

hmmm what to do! :-(

There are some days you are absolutely down and depressed. Everything, however little seems wrong and every decision made in life a waste. These feelings may not be true actually but just because you got sad in one thing everything else seems equally negative. You find fault in everything and say all bad things. You hurt people and you hurt yourself.

I just hope one gets out of this tricky situations a little sooner. Before the life messes more and things get of control. I don't know how to get out of this but I'm just tired.

Then there I things I love about me:

I love that I'm an independent women with a thought of her own.

I love that my family has given me space to think for myself.

I love that I earn for myself, a little for home and some is saved.

I love that I'm open to new ideas, travel plans and work options.

I love that I have few but good like-minded friends.

I love that I'm a craft person and enjoy photography.

I love that I practice recycling-reducing-reusing.

I love that I'm back in creating art works and engage my time in that. I feel happy :-)


And this is me in the office, Tripti asked me to smile for her new Samsung Android phone. :P

I think I look quite funny :P


Birds on a book cover :-)

My nephew insisted me for making a cover for his created scrapbook. As he is a bird lover, I decided to create some birds in fabric paint. 

Tada!!!! I liked the final look of the scrapbook.

Drop by a comment if you happen to pass by :) I'd love it and it'll be a inspiration for me.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How I hate it

I hate how my planned things are messed up.

I hate that  I don't stand up to my deadlines.

I hate that I don't give time to what I love but instead give major time to what I just need to do as a schedule. 

I hate how people just judge you and assume about you on some baseless talks.

I hate when small misunderstandings turn into big fights.

I hate that you are miserable and then get blamed on things.

I hate that nobody reads my blog.

I hate that when I pour my emotions here its like writing to a invisible person and no one known or stranger actually listens to me.

I hate that I'm unable to talk these in real life but writing here.

I hate that I'm writing this post like a fool.

I hate that I'm so angry and hurt now.

I hate that I'm acting so selfish on little things in life where the world fights on much bigger and important issues.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

A lunch out with office mates

After some planing and finding a date, we finally made a plan this Sunday afternoon. The plan was a little get together at Momi's place. Ofcourse she was cooking for 3 of us, Me, Tripti and Pooja. ;) Momi's husband included in being the host.

The afternoon it rained heavily and it was difficult to reach up. Late but we finally searched and reached and had a good time there. :)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Lace Earrings

Inspired from some fellow bloggers, I decided I'd make one. ! A simple lace earrings. Isn't pretty.  So easy to make. Just cut one of your lace pattern and attach or sew with a earring hoop wire (available in markets or use an old one).

Tada !!! .... beautiful and delicate earring :)


Friday, 17 August 2012

The design studio- Kala aur Katha

Finally after long and hectic search we settled down for a rent space for my sister Pankaja's dream plan of opening a design studio. The studio would be called 'Kala aur Katha' which literally means Art and the Narrative stories. This space would basically be used for a textile display space like for dresses, bags, shirts, tops, kurties, jackets and a lot of more the textile work. Also she'll have her own space to work and research and meet people. I'm planing to have a little space here and do my art work and also put in display. :-)

This place was offered by my friend Udayan, who showed us this just at the right time. He just had to. What are best friends for! ;-). Initially the place didnt look good but then it does have some good points. Its just a little far from the city but quite approachable. It is a peaceful place with green surrounding and not a crowd locality. If one would settle down it would feel like a nice homely place. It has a living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and a little space and a small backyard.  :-)

The colors used inside are too bright and loud so we would make it light and sober according to us. It has a lot of work to be done and decorated. Sharing some 1st stage photos. Will keep you updated with the renovation and designing the space part. :-)

the entrance- the room in left- the center space- the room on right.

another room on left- kitchen- space near kitchen.

the green in front- me and pinky di, pinky di and udayan

Stay in touch. There is more to come...


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Life goes by...

This fortnight I ...

made a paper boat and floated in a bird bath...

 I made some heart decor...

I watched leaves drench in rain... 

I wore this pretty skirt and top with this cute bow hair-clip and necklace...

Roamed the roof with chiku...

Watched and clicked Antenna's grandson, regular member of us now..

Wore this printed skirt and violet top this weekend. Plus added the lovable owl pendant and cute gifted bag...

Created a gift for an office colleague and dear friend Tripti's birthday...

I bird-watched...

I did street photography... 

I clicked myself...

Last week wasn't much of an happening and nothing much was there to share.
More of a boredom, loneliness and more of both :/

In between lemme share we got a good place via udayan. Its a little bit in the interior but faces greenery. A not typical for a studio space but would bring peace at work. So without searching for more we plan to take it. Some repair works are pending and then we are ready to move in. :) photographs coming...

Had a festive optional holiday in between (on 9th) on the eve of Birthday of Lord Krishna. I had kept fast, did little puja in evening and the rest of the day went as normal working and all.  

Following days went in as usual work-home-work-home- - - I made few gift tags and decor pieces every day for the studio. :) Last Saturday went terrible with work overload and getting home late. Not a moment of peace of mind and completely stressed out. Oh...I'm missing out my life somewhere. :(  Come back to me :)


Saturday, 4 August 2012

This day- Saturday

I guess I'll do a weekdays snapshot review too like the weekend ones :) or just a complete one. wouldn't it be nice to keep a memory of your days . :-)

This week has been as any other weekday goes . Home-Office-Home . Sometimes the rain accompanies you; sometimes you are all on your own . Alone driving, playing computer games or making a little piece of art work every day after work (Trying to make the creating-craft-every-day a regular habit) . Some stuffs are >> Here

Work is going BOrinGg okay type . In the last days of the month very obviously waiting for the salary to come (got yesterday ‘SmilinG’) . I actually have a long list of craft items to buy . I just gotta invest money in things like craft papers, scissors, paints, some fabrics etc etc etc .

No I havn’t forgotten, but just mentioning now about all this sudden craft things going on .

My sister who is a textile designer and me (little part) plan to have a Design Studio/workshop/shop for her work and where I would also keep my little art works for sale . Exciting! me too !!

But it isn’t going very smoothly. We have been looking various shops and residence cum office space on rent in the city but till now not so good luck . Finding a suitable place had put us in a lot of tensions and problems .

Every day she calls a lot of people, see lot of advertisements, websites and then we both go to meet the people of the respective places . Out of bad looking, bad smelling, bad locality, bad environment, mouthy owners, dirty bathroom , no ventilation houses, superb costly houses we are still on the look for a clean, fresh, good environment, good locality place . A small and well ventilated place would do . So far we got one place for consideration through Udayan i.e. better than other places yet a lot of repair work to be done . ** Fingers crossed**

This weekend there is no such plans planned . I want to go for my craft shopping but depends upon the weather .   :-(
This exact moment the weather outdoors is beautiful. I watch rain and the little drops falling of the tender branches . The pigeons enjoying themselves and then preening . This is the best thing about my seating place in office. A big glass window.

Rest plans are:

> Photography for the Blog on the theme 'Rain'.
> Self Out-fit photography.
> Cleaning and arranging my craft space.
> Some DIY and post of the Blog and Fb.
> Make the monthly budget
> Paint the pending birds.
> Some nearby nature trip.
>  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(Updated ;))
Also I want to talk about something that happened  yesterday . Me and My sister were heading for home and two guys on their motorbike followed us and harassed us. Shouting slang, laughing and teasing. We both shouted back for such and then their was a traffic stop we went to complain to the traffic police . Of course they fled and the little memory of us about their vehicle number failed .

We were so angry and frustrated out of this . I don't know why these men act like such .Yesterday was somewhat too much . I cant sit and let them shout and I shout back . I'm sure someday I might be in a big trouble . But there is so much anger within me facing such acts very frequently, that I'm just unable to control myself .

These people who harrass women on roads and just anywhere are nothing but Bastards . Scumbag Bastards. (I'm not sorry for my words as anger again fills in me) .


Lemme have a good day and you too  :-)