Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September girl's birthday!

Hey Ahoy September friends!

It was my birthday on 28th of this month and that's the reason the blog is called Ahoy September! It's been quite a journey from last September to this one! Like a typical Libra girl, I have learned to balance things out. Have embraced whatever life has thrown to me and the person I have become! I LIKE! :)

And thank you for checking out my blog and taking out time for commenting and encouraging me. Blogging has been a good part of my life! <3

Some pictures from the birthday time!

A black shirt dress for a treat out with my friends :) Those red stilettos are new! Love

In a beautiful Handloom Indian Saree ~

Went on a lunch date with family :)

Monday, 21 September 2015

Crafty Me!

Hey Friends!

As an Artist into new business, today I'm sharing some of my craft works. 
Basically I'm creating these products and selling them through my facebook, personal contacts, exhibitions and now would be getting online on a website too!

I'm open to orders in India!

My Birdy tee! The bird is called 'Bluethroat'

There was a big logo on tee which was no more required so I used a bird painting and attached on it.

* * *

A dedicated lady wild-lifer had ordered these particular bird paintings to attach on her clothing. These can be very well cropped till edges as in my tee.

*  *  *

And these are some of my and my people's favorite hand-painted earthy bags! These easily hold A4 size stuff and a lot more. Very much washable and looks well with any wear! :) 

Will post some sarees in the next post :-)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Ahoy September! :)

So my favorite month is here! SEPTEMBER !!!!

Quite a year it has been since my last birthday in September, traveling to new places, new work venture as an Artist, participating in exhibitions and lots of exciting things happened.

Meanwhile one of my closest friend's got married recently and wanted to share some pics :) I wore a simple Maheswari Saree with a neat blouse and some accessories. Do tell me, how my short hairs looked with the saree. 

Couldn't get better pictures :(