Tuesday, 17 September 2013

SOme SHoppiNg - part 1

There are some things I shopped recently but couldn’t make it on blog because of time constraints.
Now that I’m free to click and share those here they are :-)

Accessories >>

Three additions to my ring collections :-D 
A purple-blue finger ring. Cheap and girly (local store)
A pink bow finger ring - plastic but cute (local store)

Twin birds ring - looks very pretty (youshine)

Jhumkas - traditional earrings for the Indian wear (local exhibition)

Some simple wood pendants (local stores)

A beautiful metal and beads anklet ... love it (local store)

A Braided belt - a basic thing for the trendy look; wearing it over dresses (shop19)


the best ones >>

A Pari necklace - Love love love it <3 looks very delicate and special (snapdeal)

A collar necklace... had an eye on this since ages ... Its heavy and gives a very smart look (youshine)

Part 2 is apparels :)

Tanuja <3

Saturday, 7 September 2013

A stage of life comes to an end ...

The fun part of CSM.. some awesomest memories. Missing it already... Apart from work, the friends, the celebration part, functions, the canteen, 4.pm tea time...in between gossips, gol-guppa treat downstairs .... so so many things....

 22.11.10: I started blogging from my office desk. It pushed me into blogging and the 1st post was about my initial days.

Now … 

4.09.13: Officially and logically I have quit my day job but emotionally I’m yet to accept a different routine of life. Out of all my life’s stages like school and colleges, my work life is my most favourite and I’m going to miss it a lot. I was into a disciplined routine of life; doing things at a certain fixed time and working within deadlines. I was in the habit of a earning and spending mode. And the best part was FRIENDS. Some very near and dear ones with whom the otherwise boring work place was FUN! I’m gonna miss the time a lot. ..

To be continued ...

Tanuja :)