Sunday, 30 September 2012

September shopping !!

Hey friends :)

I told you already, how September is my favorite month here. I travelled, I enjoyed my birthday and here I'm sharing some of the things I shopped and thrifted from various places. I'm sorry for posting it late. :( Comments are welcome :)

A Kaftan top - It looks beautiful, summery feel.

Butterfly Top - Ain't it cute.

Owl pendant and ring - Loved it <3

Stone work ring for ethnic wear :)
Two earring sets - wore on birthday :)

This beautiful book from People Tree. I'm crazy about crazy things.
It is a big book, has a nice short story and beautiful artwork :) Just check out the size of the book as in comparison!

Bought a beautiful Bookmark from The Shop.
I like collecting and getting bookmarks.
These alphabet Harem Pants from People Tree as well. Its super comfy.
^^^ The above tops and accessories were thirifted from New Delhi markets. ^^^

* Following  are from Bhubaneswar*

Purple canvas shoes from Bata for the north journey!
Some makeup

Tanuja <3

"The Owl Dress"

It was my birthday, and I was so sure to have an Owl dress for the occasion. I would have neither found a dress around shops here nor I could have afforded it anywhere else.

Never mind, painting the dress was always in my mind. I had very less time in hand because of a recent trip out. The basic dress was tailored in my sister's design studio and my part was pending to paint it. I was sure about the colors I wanted and so here it is for all the lovely ladies out there and friends who have liked my art work before :)

The owl cutout I made, mixing colors, creating eyes

Step by step

Me in the dress
I made that satin hair clip and also had blue painted nails :D

Had to pair with blue leggings because of office guidelines :(
Created the legs and feather later with time in hand :D

The final 'Owl Dress'

Tanuja <3

Some other creative work can be found here :

Some paper craft, decor, and envelopes plus two hand made gifting bags.

A scrapbook fabric cover painted with birds.

Greeting cards from scrap paper

Lovely Lace Earrings

Giveaway one sided scribble note book

A personalised storage box

Hand painted greeting card

Another scribble note book

Some decor for baby shower

My beautiful Lamp Shade

Falling leaves curtains

Friday, 28 September 2012


Its MY day! My Birthday !!! :)

I'm 26 now, single, independent, at job and managing my own life.

But "A kid at heart"  :-) 

I'm not afraid to share my age as I'm proud of the life I have lived. 25 years of ME! No, I'm not a person who is so in love with self. Its just that I have grown out of deep depression to accepting life with happiness. From being ignored and ugly and self conscious to being more open to life, feeling beautiful and taking people's notice. I'm still a shy person yet confident on who I am! I take my own decisions and  responsible for my acts. I'm 'only' 26 and have a longgg life to breath in..... CHEERS !!!!   :-)

Coming back to present, My day went quite nice except that I had to attend office. :-(
From midnight wishes from family and friends and best friend :*  to loads of wishes from office colleagues.
A lunch out with my dear friend and a evening snack and dinner with the family :-)
Treat to other friends is due for next month :-P

There are many things that made me smile for my birthday !!!

Midnight Wishes <3

My hand painted OWL dress! Spent nights painting it, though owl legs are yet to be painted .

Dressed up for the day and was off to office. Was a lot into blue and white today. Got many praises and likes for it. :-)

At office got a surprise card on my laptop and flowers and a b'ful necklace set from my friend Tripti. So sweet of you! Thankyou so much :-)


Automated company Intranet Portal wishes :-P and other birthday wishes through it. :-)

Had a lunch out with my best buddy! Ate a lot, shared a coffee and got lovely presents>> A personalized card, flower and one of my wanted novel 'Life of Pi' :-)   A gift is pending ;) Do not forget !!
Did a little photo shoot after it ;-)


A cake made by my nephew for Me!!! How sweet :-)
Had a nice and peaceful time at home :-)


Thankyou for my people, my parents, my sisters, my friends, my best friend, my pets for my wonderful life.
I'm blessed and I'm loved :-)

Stay Tuned for:

Making of the Owl Dress
Birthday Outfit Post
September's Thrifting
North India Trip review (Punjab and New Delhi)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

"" Wishlist "" My Birthday !!!!!

A wishlist for my birthday and coming time.... :)

Some are what I love, some are what I need and to do list >>>>

I know I cant afford most this at the exact time but I'm gonna have them sooner or later :)

I want to take dancing lessons:

I want to learn violin:

I want my Bottle Brush plant to grow healthy and big and bring lots of birds and butterflies

I want to see the Asian Paradise Flycatcher once again:

I want to have a nice garden dinner party with my family and close friends:

I want such beautiful curls:

An owl printed dress:

Want a cool check shirt:

Life of Pi Novel:

The Book of Indian Butterflies by Kehimkar Isaac:

Wings of Fire: An Autobiography by A.P.J Abdul Kalam:

The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling> Releasing on 27th Sept:

Novels by Ruskin Bond:

Novels by Devdutt Pattanaik:

A candle light dinner date ;)

Red pumps:

Red and Yellow casual canvas shoes:

A Swiss knife:

My Nikon's Battery:


Marumi 58 mm UV Haze Filter:

Wish to have a collection of  80's Bollywood movie collection :)

Wanna have more collection of comics! Diamond comics, Tinkle, Disney, Archies, Tintin and so so many more ....

Desperately want some shaped paper punches:
Want some Ink pens:

I want to create some creative book shelves and want unusual book ends:

 I want one white lacy shrug:

I want my one petted stray dog to be back home :(
I want my home to be more greener and bring in more birds and butterflies. :)
I want my family to be happy always.We had too much of a bad time in recent years. God, excuse us from that now. :)
I want to redecorate our home.
I want to leave my current job and have my own craft business soon.
I want my life to be more settled and secure now.
I want to meet all my good friends soon in small hangouts :)
I want to have a permanent tattoo 8-)
I want to increase my blog friends list :) I have a normal day in and out blog of my life and I'm no fashion blogger.. still...I'd love to have more friends through blogging.

I'll update if I can think of some more.... :D

Courtesy: Images from Google search. Nothing has been clicked by me.
Feel free to talk to me and if any questions check back for answers.