Saturday, 2 January 2016

An experience of Scuba Diving!

Hey, HAPPY NEW YEAR friends !!!!!

~ Pary Two ~

Hope you read the 1st part of my solo trip: Part ONE. 

My start activity at Pondicherry had been Scuba Diving. I did it with 'Temple Adventures' group, India's first and only East Coast PADI Scuba Diving Center. Yeah! I had been too stupid to be doing it but Oh My God what an thrilling experience it had been.

The experience I had was worth all my hard-earned money. I was almost broke after it. :D Neither it's too easy, nor too hard. I freaked out at first in the pool session & was sea-sick in the boat ride. But once you are through the outside wavy-sea and get the feel of the calmness inside, watch those thousands of fishes around you of various varieties, you forget everything and just enjoy. For the first timers, the trick is to breath easy and stick to your instructor. Trust your instructor. They completely take care of you. All you need to do is enjoy <3 

My instructor at pool session was Rob and Rajesh who very
patiently taught me all basics of Scuba. The equipments, the sighs, breathing in-out, equalizing and stuff. My instructor at sea was Rajesh and he was super cool (only I behaved stupidly, scared from it). The mightly sea is very different to experience on the boat and going deep inside scared me like shit. I thought I'd die inside it. I thought why the hell I even thought of doing this. But  he took me inside very nicely, kept asking me if I was okay and finally showed me various colorful beautiful fishes. I saw so so so many fishes all around me. It was a  stunning sight, I'll never forget.  We went 13 mts deep inside with the help of a rope for me to hold. It was put by another diver. 

I was so proud of myself to overcome my fear and do it.

Along with my trainers there were expert divers who came for a weekend session or who were taking their courses like rescue-diving or deep-sea diving etc. They were so cool. They give you lot of confidence. I was the only one for the first time dive and they made me so comfy and encouraged me a lot. And true to their words, I thoroughly enjoyed it !!! What Fun!
I loved the scuba world, hoping for a more confident session again somewhere.

Find the complete details of the Scuba center 'here'

Enjoying! My all OK sigh!!!

Moi! with the beautiful fishes at background.
With my awesome instructor Rajesh.

Gorgeous, aren't they ...




The place in Pondicherry.

Inside, all kind of Scuba equipments are also sold here. Cool!

Guys! they all were expert Scuba people :)
The boat taking us to the deep deep sea ...
Me and the shoes and my equipments