Sunday, 24 August 2014

Shop! Free to customize!

I have been working on this since a while and finally I'm bringing some self-made stuff for sale. This time it's a dress. Bags and notebooks and some more ideas are coming ... For more updates do like my facebook page.

Blue Pansy!
A basic cotton day dress for casual wear in the city.   :-)
It's loose and all you need is a belt to get to your fit. This is a basic sample and I'm open to your ideas and work on  it.

Scroll down for more details: Hope you like it!

Customizable options are:
> Color of the dress.
> Pattern (Embroidery/Fabric paint)
> Place of patterns over the dress.

Cost would come something between 900 to 1500. Do e-mail for more details/enquiry:

Saturday, 9 August 2014

A blank window DIY

Hey there,

 There's a small sitting space in our home and there's an unused and blank window. Broken actually. It was utter ugly. After some thought I got a plain fabric, painted it with a basic design and put it up on the window.


Hope you liked it !
You can use any fabric of your choice, depending upon the home decor and your choice.