Friday, 26 November 2010

life in a box

Around 9 i reach office, open Kwantify intranet portal and make myself logged in. I have to do this before the gracetime 9.10 otherwise i'll have to think of funny reasons on why i reached late. :p People out would say that this is a blessed job because u sit in ac, personal space, do some computer work and u knw...aaram aur izzat ki zindagi! ofcourse aisa hai, but only people like me..who love open air and nature and travelling and hangouts and moving around and photography and what not, know how painful it is to sit 8-9 hours watching a computer screen, in a box like space, glass on sides (so that u dont see them chatting on gtalk ;D), sitting at one place, hating the revolving chair for your backache, eyes watering with a clogged mind working on what to write next. That's coz i'm basically a content writer, writing and re-writing all what the company has to deal with. Its been 6 days i joined here, in this pvt company, working for the govt.

To join here was my own decision to learn and earn in my field of study. I like it. I'm not regretting but just initially I find it pain to be confined to a lonely place just to let my fingers type. I might take some more time to get used to this kinda life for my days half, to get used to strange people I tell you! To get used to looking dead serious but ending up looking exhausted and bored. You look up and find few heads in your front working (think so) Hmmm rest many strange people or so I feel coz i'm new here. Men all formally dressed except Saturdays and moving here and there, trying to work and gossiping to ladies in between. Women blushing and then back to work. In between i was feeling hell lonely :( , longing to talk to someone. I smsed my best fren and started a conversion. That felt really good :) . Few other friends also replied.

Now i'm among all these guys, following a certain trend on how to settle here. Learning all the work i could and what i have to. Sometimes understanding a certain project strains me a lot. i spend sleepless nights working on it but i guess its just becoz i dropped in between and later on things would be just fine, easy and comfortable. I feel weird and nervous. little scared sometimes but i'm confidant as well. Oh, so many emotions all mixed up! :( With all these hopes of gaining knowledge and growing and to be a part of this family soon, I end up this chapter of the weekend. Ciao :)

Luv all


  1. Well wEll , certainly the type of environment i expected when i joined my company . But as they say " new shoes have a squeaky Voice " , u wud get used to it :) ..


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