Monday, 9 April 2012

A lampshade created

>> My nature lampshade 

I love reading novels or story books late night in the bed’s comfort till I fall in sleep. Reading in the low light of a bulb in my room was paining my eyes and with the bigger lights I had to get outta bed and switch them off. Being quite lazy and not wanting to get outta bed, I wanted a good enough light source by my side, better somewhere above me which I can use for reading without thinking to switch it off.

Combining two craft ideas found over internet, I started my work of creating a lampshade. Paper is what I found the easiest to work with. Found an old crafty paper and started the work of cutting, shaping, painting, fitting the bulb in and final setting in the room.

With patterns of butterfly, playing with the light emissions with the craft over it and simple floral painting I completed my beautiful lampshade. I’m quite impressed with my work and loving to see it well placed in my room. :) I hadn’t planned the final output and thus I got few ideas after it was all setup, that’s why it got a bit difficult to create that effect. Nevertheless see how beautiful it has turned out. :)

This is how it was made ... :)

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