Monday, 14 May 2012

Window secrets

Ruskin Bond always loved the view from his window. He created stories outta them and imagined things to be narrated. When bored from office work my eyes also start wandering outta the window...

My room would be on the 3rd floor of the building. The view from my now office desk is a building a little far away, lower from this buildings height. And there stands a huge Gulmohar tree. In summers now beautiful scarlet Gulmohar flowers have started blooming. Huge and so magnificent. Show off and proud of the glow. Beautiful and long entangled branches spread out, green every where and birds perching on it. Something good to distract me from my work and find some peace in heart. There would be Rock Pigeons sitting and preening on the branches, crows and Jungle Babblers. Around dusk would here calls of Asian Koels, Rufous Treepies and Black Kites. Of course how can I forget, once I saw two woodpeckers around the branches pecking. Alas I did not have my camera that day. Palm squirrels  also often roam around the tree.

And very obviously these are only observed when the window blinds are open, else its just like sitting in a box. :/

Just near by the window pane, below the window AC there a concrete space where small plants and grass have grown and water accumulates from the AC's water. Pigeons very often rest there, preen, play and drink water from there. Pigeons are next good creatures I see around me from office. They take my mind away from my work and I love it :)

And yep I forgot I'm updated about various weathers outside :)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Some e-comic strips are enjoy..! PART- I

Comic is something I can add in a anytime read list. Comical, sarcastic humor, with values and some just to enjoy. There are certain online comic strips I wanted to share with my friends here.

I always read the cartoon strips in the daily morning newspapers. Many times we changed the newspapers subscriptions and with them the following up of cartoon strips changed. I thought of googling a comic strip and see if they are available online.

I checked a certain comic strip named 'Launn' on web. This was basically about a teenager girl surrounded by her family and friends. Her school, worries with boy friends and stories of her friends.

Luckily I got the comic strip on line and with it a whole lot of other similar treasure.

Now through this website I started reading other comics too on a daily basis few are Fred, For Better or For Worse, Lila, Marmaduke, Garfield, Foxtrot, Peanuts, Megs classics, Calvin and Hobbes and Stone Soup.

These comics are all available online and have an almost complete archived strips from the start. Besides reading their daily updates, I started reading from their 1st strip. I liked being involved with the complete story and their lives.Some evolve around family issues of some distant foreign land and I liked knowing about them. Plus I loved the sketches and how the characteristics of the characters changed with time. Sundays are special with a bigger and colorful panel. :)


I read Luaan (by Greg Evans) completely since 1985 to now read their daily updated comics. Love her surrounding, her friends, Delta, Bernice, Gunther, Tiffany, parents, their sarcastic humour, Brad her brother, his girlfriend Toni, Shannon her niece, TJ and everyone. All are so adorable.

Cute :-) the starting strip..

Luann in mid...

Nows... see what a difference.. but loved all :)

Fred Basset

Fred Basset (by Alex Graham, Michael Martin) is about a male Basset Hound dog. He has a middle aged good hearted owners. The strip goes around what Fred thinks about his surroundings, his conversation with fellow dog friends and on what his owners talk. He is super cute and just love him. The sketches are too good with nicely drawn body of a dog and its movement. Their are his observations, his love for bone, gets little scared from other creatures, friendly, with manners and overall a good pet and dog.

Fred then by Alex ... love his expressions..

Fred now by Michael....


Cant stop laughing on face when I read foxtrot comics. They are super duper humorous. Love the drawings of the characters, their expressions, the stories going around the family and the best their expressions.This usually goes in w storyline like episodes. I have started making expressions like them :D A crazy family indeed but I love em..

Foxtrot early days...

Foxtrot Now... :)


Foxtrot Classics

 Stone Soup

I read all the Stone Soup series from 1995, its start to now daily updates. Love the characters, the family, the plots and everything. Val is a middle aged single mother or two daughters who shares her house in the starting with her single mother, sister Joan. Her daughters are Holly and Alix. Both are opposite types yet have loads of fun. Joan married an extremely good man named Wally. Who is a gentleman and a gr8 cook. They have a daughter together now. Val is now dating a Police officer, Phil and there story is yet to be seen. He's a nice and honest man who understands her.... How can I forget their Granma Evie, who is rather a very fashionable and hot lady. She's dating too plus works as a volunteer too.And yes a she dog Biscuit also resides there loved by all.

Overall the stories are nice and would go hand-in-hand with real emotions, facts, decisions and witty jokes. Over the time, the appearance has changed and the story has grown. .... but it hasn't lost its touch and my doesn't go without the daily comic strips :)


Earlies... 97'

One on X Mas eve .... all together :) 11'

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Some e-comic strips are enjoy..! PART- II


Continuing from the previous post ............ my love for certain comics...

For Better or for Worse

Patterson's have been a part of me. This comics was going on in real time. That means people were born, grew in this, were sick, had accident and even died.
The family involves Elly a homemaker who had tried working at various places too, in mid-30s when the series started. Her husband is John, a loving, kind and positive thinker dentist. (Sometimes a male egoistic kinda too). Initially they had 2 kids, Michael and Elizabeth. Then as the series went on their third child was born, their grandpa came to stay with them and a 2nd generation of dogs were also there. The families went through various ups and down, had deep love for each other, fought, fussed, messed but were always held together in the end.
Don’t wanna spoil the whole story… read it :) There are many other important characters involved too…who are equally precious.
I just know that, I have loved the series, laughed with the Patterson’s, and been sad. It has taught me great values or people and defined sacrifice and love for me. Thankyou Lynn for the creation. 

The series ended in Aug 2008. :( Re-runs are going on :)

The Meaning of Lila

By John Forgetta and L.A. Rose:

I don’t really like Lila Mayfield. But the person in the series still has a good human heart. She is greedy, selfish, mean, and obsessed with shopping specially shoes and works in a call center type in a cubicle which she actually hates. She seeks rich men but has many boyfriends in her list. She is attractive and very well uses the advantage of it.  

The only thing good about her is that some good people are her friends and that she has adopted a leukemia-stricken girl named Annie, who extremely intelligent and lovely little girl.
Its running now so the full story is not known, I’m updating myself every day (dunno why :P)


It’s about a great Dane. He’s funny and witty and has loads of fun and everybody loves him since 1954. Marmaduke lives with the Winslow family, who, try as they might, just can't seem to get him to obey. Just loved this Dog. 


By: Jim Davis
Oh a super cool cat. More than just a cat. A super lazy, all time hungry, making fun of John, spider hater, Oddy hater Garfield. Do I need to introduce more? naahh









Megs Classics
  U just gotta watch 'em. They are funny and naughty :)




I don’t need to introduce them! Snoopy, Calvin all are super known  :)


Calvin & Hobbes