Monday, 30 July 2012

DIY - Notebook - Giveaway

I have made a tutorial earlier on using one side used paper for creating a new notepad.
I utilised my Sunday and again made two more and these would be a given away for charity to kids. :-)
It easy and fun to make and re-using is awesomely cool.
here >> check out this one's details.
Collected one-side used papers

Ready to stitch

All compiled and stitched (don't know any particular way of doing this so I experiment) - Beware! this time I made a hole in my finger as well :-(

All done and decorated !!! (for back I have used similar hard bound cardboard with glossy newspaper)

Awesome !!!! 

I'm so tempted to use these myself but there are people who need it more. :)
Try it on! having personalised things feels good within :)

Tanuja  :)

This weekend :)

This weekend  >> Saturday> trip to Pb’s home in Cuttack with Uds-watching Baya Weaver birds and their nests-relishing Raghu's Aloodum Dahibara-peda-some delicious aloo chop, bara, pb trying to avoid paparazzi.
Sunday> watched Satyamev Jataye (inspired)-ate yum poha, tea with my daily planner-Chiku in clothes dump-creating paper beads-re-using notes-vinca rosea-DIY apron.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

This Saturday - friends and rain

This Saturday Me and my nephew caught up with my two of my coolest friends and went out for a trip to Botanical Gardens. It’s in the outskirts of the city and required a long drive especially from where I stay.  So of course we got onto their bikes and were we off to the Beautiful Gardens full of peaceful green, magnificent lakes around it and various living creatures to see.
We had lunch at a local hotel and had to wait there for some time because of a heavy downpour. People would call us mad to be travelling in this terrible weather but since when have we ever cared about it. We were about to cancel off the plan as it was getting dark. But then the rain god listened to us and paused it. We drove up and reached out the place by 4.30. We got our tickets and we had around 1 hour to roam inside.

Whatever got us there, the drizzling rain or the rain dropping from the over head trees filled me with love for nature. The whole place is full by trees, shrubs and bushes. It is surrounded by lake and ponds in between. The rain was making all even more vibrant and stand out.

The place is planned with various small gardens and shed inside it, cottages, green house, orchid house and so many other things to look out for. But of course today wasn’t the day for us. I have been here earlier so never mind. So this trip was, just for being out of the city life and have some peace with friends and nature. :)
We saw some wetland birds like Lesser Whistling Ducks, Pheasant Tailed Jacanas, White-Throated Kingfisher, White-Breasted Waterhen, Black Kites and Many Asian Openbill Storks and other common birds. Check some photos here!

Plus some colorful creatures like butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, insects etc.
In between it heavily rained and we had to find shelter. Less importantly to protect us and more for the cameras :-/ We saw some cute Baya Weaver birds and their nests :) amazing isn’t !! I saw it for the first time and was super excited.

We did some photo shoots to remember our time :)

It was all a dark, dingy feeling, Hollywood-ish style I must say. Quite spooky! Rain in the late evening and the cold weather had sunk in me. I wished to stay longer …
We were finally out of the place and pb went off to his home. And we three were back to the place where I had kept my scooty. I forgot to add that it had got punctured and was to be repaired. If it wasn’t for scooty, I would have reached my home by 6.45 but walking it down to the garage and waiting for it to be repaired made me late by 8.00 pm. 
So the day ended and this Saturday was a good one. :)

P.S. Rest the photographs would say what I can not :)


The Red


What does red mean to you ??

Danger, blood, love, passion, evil, energy !

Or maybe loud, bright, confidence, show off .... !!


Well, I had all these in mind before wearing my new red lipstick shade today, loud and clear. Inspired by some fellow bloggers and some Bollywood divas I decided I wanted to wear one too. I'm usually not a make up person but dunno I somehow I got fascinated towards this particular Red lipstick. I got this Revlon's Really Red shade #6.

Its usually a fear that you wont look good or may be look cheap. But then its actually how you feel and carry about. But never mind I'm no more afraid of my skin and color. No one should ever be. Be confident on who you are, duniya bhad mein jaye (hell with the world).

I have a outing day today but its raining. Maybe its gonna be getting drenced and enjoying :D

Have a happy weekend :)



Monday, 16 July 2012

A personalised storage box

This was made by me probably in the previous month. What I wanted was a box where I could keep all my small junkies and some craft items for proper storage. And this is what I did and you should do too, because it recycles, reuses and reduces in every way. 

Search a cardboard/carton box in good strong condition for the storage purpose. The box could be of a packaging material or must have come with some home product. I find no reason why you shouldn't be re-using it. What it may lack is a good look and that my dear friend is just minutes away. I here had a box which had packed a extension cord.

The simplest thing to do is wrap it in a gift wrapper, brown paper, old magazine paper or any other paper that may as well be re-used. I used a normal newspaper wrapping and see how looks it wonderful. Use adhesive, cello-tape etc. as per the requirement. 

Decor it with colorful beads, paints, simple sketch-pen drawing, interesting cut-outs or laces. I used a satin ribbon and some basic sketch pen use. Use your creativity, its open to your ideas. :-)

And this is how mine looked:


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday !!!!! Yeah iiii

I guess I should be little more updated on my own blog.
So here I am! This is how I look today. 
Its a Saturday and half working day. We are free to out pull out our casual wears on Sats.
Weekends basically are expected to have a lot of good plans out of your monotonous working life. Well I dont have much for this weekend except for some organizing myself and cleaning ones.
Hope I cook something today, some DIY, outings plans too and of course it includes lots of sleeping.
Have an Awesome time friends \m/

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A hand-painted greeting card

A hand-painted greetings see off card for one of my dear friend Suchita. We have been friends since childhood and know that we both love painting and art work. I know who likes my effort and love for creating things and so this is made specially for you.

The card before adding the write up 
The outer side
The inner page 

This was created two years back when she was leaving for another state for joining a job. A parting gift. :)