Sunday, 30 September 2012

"The Owl Dress"

It was my birthday, and I was so sure to have an Owl dress for the occasion. I would have neither found a dress around shops here nor I could have afforded it anywhere else.

Never mind, painting the dress was always in my mind. I had very less time in hand because of a recent trip out. The basic dress was tailored in my sister's design studio and my part was pending to paint it. I was sure about the colors I wanted and so here it is for all the lovely ladies out there and friends who have liked my art work before :)

The owl cutout I made, mixing colors, creating eyes

Step by step

Me in the dress
I made that satin hair clip and also had blue painted nails :D

Created the legs and feather later with time in hand :D

The final 'Owl Dress'

Tanuja <3


  1. that's a cute little dress. Love your creativity :)

    +Not Just My Allegories+

  2. I loved the dress (as I've already told you that n number of times) :). You're great at it! Have you considered taking your crafts to a professional level? You totally should! Your work is very very neat!

    Deepika :)

  3. The Dress looks Cute and your work looks professional . One wonders how in such a short span of time could churn out so many things adjusting her office and personal works . Hats of to your creativity :) .

  4. Omg tanuja this is so awesome :-) i feel u should really make this into a profession. You will rock at it :-) you're amazingly creative :-)

  5. Now that is some good creativity...:)

  6. i am so impressed how u made a plain into something very pretty..loved it..
    so creative tanuja..and beautiful pic to justify it =)

  7. Wow! That dress looks gorgeous! Very creative! Do visit my blog.

  8. Wow Tanuja.. You designed and made this yourself is unbelievable! The dress is soo pretty and looks perfect even with the leggings! :)
    PS - Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am following you now- hope you'll return the love!

    NEw post is up at my blog -

  9. how did i miss this post.........WOW...the dress looks so damn cute...
    one needs to b talented to pull this off...damn cool
    love it

  10. OMG! Tanuja, aren't you awesome?!
    I mean this is such a cool idea to begin with and on top of that you have totally rocked the design and the look :)

    Loving your blog and following you right away.

    Do stop-over at mine too :)

  11. Wow loved the art & the top is looking cute. Liked your blog.


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