Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Happy New Year :) I'm back on blog

Happy New Year my friends :-)

This would be the first post of the year 2013. I know I'm so late :(
So many things have been happening lately that I seriously didn't dare to write a blog-post.

Hope my friends had a great time out and enjoying life to the fullest.

My New Year was simple dinner with my family and making some simple resolutions I seriously want to stick to. (Fingers crossed)

And those would be:
# Quitting my Job. Its nice out there but just not me. :)
# Exercise, really wanna get rid of my tummy fat the office gave me :(
# Would get into my own business, that I shall share the idea and planning is more concrete. :)
# Give my time and money to the environmental as well as human issues. :)
# Drink lots of water. I forget actually. :-/
# Buy all my needs before I leave the job. (Very Important)  :-D
# Pay my father back my DSLR's charges. :)
# And Re-Decor my complete house. \m/

Let me share my happenings of last few weeks:

Attended Inter-Company cricket match
New year celebration at Office
Jhili Mili our two cutie girls :-)
Chiku our handsome dog
Office time pass :-P
Made some Gajar ka halwa :) 
Cooked apple pie again.. it was yumyum. Good demand at home ;-)

Got a new Wallet from Max - a pair of funky bedroom slippers for me and sissy - my nephew got me these pretty earrings from an exhibition :-)

Participated in Annual Bird Census, Odisha  >Read Here<

Did a wedding photography assignment complete with delivering Albums and CDs.

Me at various occasions:

*At the wedding photography. I decided to look simple to grab least attention.
*At Rayagada (a tribal district in the state of Odisha). I'm standing in the open fields below a mountain. I went there with my sister for an documentary assignment. Again its best to look simple and local when you are in a rural place. Must say the place was full of peaceful nature and amazing feeling :)
*At an Anti-Rape campaign.

That's it for now. I promise to be updated more often.
Hey when you read the blog, comments are welcome or rather compulsory I must say :-)

Lots of Love <3
Tanuja :)