Thursday, 13 August 2015

Back with my 'Tote Bags' !

Hey friends,
Sorry for being absent from blog. I actually got involved in a small business of my own and was busy setting it up. Finally got time to share all my adventures here. :-)

Besides being a photographer, I started a proper business outta my interests of sewing and painting; when a city bookstore gave me a chance to exhibit my hand-painted bags! They are Walking BookFairs. They have a neat little space which is a book store plus an open hangout place. They travel across in a van full of books to spread the word of reading habit. Read more - here! 

So they had this 'Book Mandi' coming up i.e. a flea market kind of event for a week. I decided to make and put up my bags there for sale, which I already make since a long time for myself. It was time to make more and promote myself as an artist and entrepreneur. An experiment to see how things go and I wasn't expecting much. :)

Fortunately, luckily, and with the love of my family and friends It worked out. My friends loved it. They came, they bought my bags, ordered and were happy with my initiative :) Special thanks to the Walking BookFair guys, for without them it wouldn't have been possible. You see one needs a charger to get things done. That was this! I'm happy :)

I had another event after that, will share the experience in next post :)

Promotional poster

My setup at the event place!

The Book store and the people visiting.

Me there :P

A friend with my bought bag :) :)

More friends :)

And they took for their friends :)

Had to pose :D

The shack - books, tea and art works on sale.

From a news clipping :)


  1. Congratulations for your business dear! Lovely creations! ^-^

  2. Congratulations on the new business. The painted bags are really cute! Wish I could have been at the Book Fair. Would have loved to pick up a couple of them :)

  3. Wow this is great news..nice bags.. Congrats and best best wishes to ur new venture

    New Video is up -
    IID Outfit Ideas

  4. Wow that sounds amazing!! These bags are so beautiful <3

  5. These bags have there own charm :)

  6. Hi dear! You have a nice blog, I like it:)
    Follow each other?
    Happy week,


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