Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ladies Day Out - 4

Day 4: Munnar

The next day was very unplanned and got troubled when a fight erupted on where to go next. She said East, I said West. We were already in East because of her interest; I insisted to go west! I.e. a wildlife sanctuary. We had to take a bus in the afternoon, so we went for some local shopping that morning. Of course after a typical South Indian breakfast!

I shopped some Munnar tea and coffee that's a specialty of the place. Some hand-made soaps and lots of hand-made assorted chocolates for my friends!

After taking a bus and traveling a painful journey of 6 hours in bus we got a rude shock in the evening! Read after the photos ...

Yum! Masala Dosa and vada
slurpy filter coffee
Common city-scape of Munnar
We shopped from here! The old man gave us good discounts :)
Beautiful weather !

Traveling there, one again goes through these scenic place ...
ahh... I don't know if I'll ever be able to see these views again!
Pretty homes
Sometimes we got bored watching these, after all we were in the bus for 6 hours!
Love !

So here it is; the shocking part -

Because of our mistake... we reached at the wrong place! Instead of 'Thattekkad' which is a bird sanctuary we reached 'Thekkeday' which is a wildlife sanctuary (Periyar Tiger Reserve!)

A mere communication problem in the south and our travel for so long put us into mess. We were in kind of a remote area and we got damn scared! It was almost late evening and we had no other option to go anywhere else. I later convinced her that Kerala is a tourist friendly place and this place too we can stay overnight and go to the wildlife sanctuary in the morning BUT she refused to listen and was furious. Anyways... after a while we both cooled down because people actually were tourist friendly. A guide helped us to get a good night halting place and made a plan for the next day morning! The manager of the hotel was a good man, helped us understand the place and the sanctuary we'll be visiting! Had a bitter night because of my friend. 

to be continued ...



  1. That's such a small difference in the name of bird senctuery and wild like one, making a mistake was obvious. :)
    Such beautiful location , loved the click of the tree ..I love handmade supa and chocolates..
    Yummy food,I had dosa 2 times this week
    Keep in touch

  2. Hmmm...I hope all is well between you and your friend now. She should not have behaved like this. This is life. We should enjoy wherever we land up...

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  3. Well you are a traveler and she is a tourist, differences were destined to happen, never mind, all well that ends well :)


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