Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ladies Day Out - 6

This is the last one in the series ;-)

After lots of traveling, confusions, some non-sense but mostly great great adventure in the south of India which basically consisted of typical interior tourist places to explore; we were finally back to a city. We reached here late night by bus (some 5 hours of journey!). We took a hotel near station and went into a deep sleep. 

Day 6: Cochin 

Next day was all planned to be a lazy shopping day. We had our train in afternoon. We got dressed and asked the auto-wallah to take us to the biggest shopping mall in Cochin. i.e. Lulu Mall. We shopped! We ate, we randomly roamed and had fun! We went to another local market but had to be back soon to catch our train. We quickly packed our stuff and reached station that was at a walkable distance. We literally ran to get our train coach... phew!!  We were off to Chennai. I had to help with my sister's textile exhibition and my friend would be off to our Hometown. :-)


Still can't believe I actually made this journey possible. I feel good, confidant and just more good about myself. A good thing would be to take along a friend who is like minded and copes well with situations :-)

 Below are things I shopped from the whole Kerala trip! Many things were already distributed before I could think of taking pictures. Enjoy!

The Lulu Mall

Our local ride ..

The place




The pretty packed lavender soap and chocolates! Had got many chocolates and varieties of soaps like rose, neem, sandalwood etc for all girl friends. And these were really good! This was from Munnar.
Lots of Tea and Coffee! Again from Munnar.

The Kathakali face mask! Just had to get this one; even if it was difficult to pack. (Munnar)

An awesome Almond pack! This is in a water base already and is a wonderful soothing facepack.  Got from Thekkady local store.

From the Tiger reserve! Had got 2 men's tees too for friends but better ones with animal paw prints. 
Worn here!

Bangles! Pretty aren't they. A set for mom, another for sister. Got from Cochin.

A Jumpsuit. Fits well and looks great. From Westside, Lulu Mall, Cochin. This was my 1st jumpsuit and I'm loving it.
Worn Here! :-)

A Kerala Saree was a must to bring! A beautiful creme color and pale gold. I love sheer sarees. :-) From Lulu Mall, Cochin. 


Phew! My trip ends here with lots of memories to cherish. Feeling good to share it on the blog! :-)



  1. Looks like you are having a ball
    Those Spain's and chocolates look fab
    happy weekend

  2. Lovely post Taniya
    Following ur blog on gfc
    I hope u follow back

  3. Amazing pics, my lovely dear!

  4. That jumpsuit looks so nice. I want to head to Westside!!!! And my flatmate got me one of those soaps from her visit to Trivendrum..They smell so nice and the smell stays for hours.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  5. The saree that you have got is very beautiful. Simply loved it.

  6. nice one ...really nice chennai city to roam ... liked your t-shirt ... they are among the favorite along with ladies tops


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