Saturday, 7 June 2014

Beached !!

My State 'Odisha' (India) is around the coastal belt. Taking awesome opportunity and to beat the heat.. we went for a beach trip! It's around one hour from the capital city. Got started after lunch and it got almost evening when we reached. This particular one was clean and crowd free. Absolutely chilling, relaxing and a beautiful feeling!

Beaches are a regular travelling places here and people from far away states too come and visit Odisha.

Sea! I Love!

Was too happy with the sea ////
We went to see a lighthouse .. but it was closed for going on top of it.
From the outside! It's actually an ancient lighthouse
Crazy Selfies!! :-D

Love <3
Tanuja :)


  1. U lucky to have a beach in odisha, we inndelhibare burning and there is no beach :(
    The light out area looks so beautiful
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  2. Lovely beach! And you look so pretty in the first pic :)
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  3. You are so lucky to be just an hour away from beach!!!

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