Thursday, 9 June 2016

Solo wildlife trip!

Hey everyone,

I'm back to share my second solo travel tale. The first had been Pondicherry, Tamilnadu and this is in my own State: Odisha.

I had been planning to go a new wildlife sanctuary since a long time but it never happened because of fear of remote places, no company and expenses. But finally I saved some money, got some guts, Google-d stuff online, made few calls and settled everything! The place to go was 'Kuldiha'.

I had heard good reviews of the place and seemed particular closer to Bhubaneswar i.e. my city. 

To read my more detailed trip report and pictures check the link --> Wildlife trip to Kuldiha

I have a passion for bird watching in their natural habitat and with this place I had great hopes! Two and a half days with Mr. Manaranjan Das, my tour guide (who is also a birder) went excellent! I explored a beautiful new place. A complete raw and pristine forest with a positive vibe that energizes you. Forgetting the clumsy busy world, I enjoyed this calm green! At the peak hours I enjoyed plenty of bird calls and had some amazing bird sightings like Malabar Trogan, Pale-capped Pigeon, Vernol’s hanging parrot and Heart-spotted woodpecker. One late evening I was lucky to see a cow Indian Elephant drinking water with its calf. What a peaceful sight and it fills you with a feeling of awe. How beautiful is nature and its ways!

One night we stayed in 'Kuldiha' rest house which is deep in the forests with no network and limited electricity. It rained heavily that night, and guess what! I had a tent for night stay. Exciting!! I enjoyed the gossips with the locals having black tea and snacks. The next day after rains was extremely fruitful in bird watching. I saw Indian Giant squirrels, Spotted deers and some fascinating butterflies, insects and lizards. With birding I also have an interaction with the habitat; the trees, leaves, soil; everything is a part of it. You learn nature's behavior although it's quite unpredictable and that's the fun part; it surprises you!!

I felt like I challenged myself to go solo again and accomplished it. I have more confidence in me and the ways to deal with people and places. My overall view with Kuldiha was very nice. It's safe and people are nice plus within one and half hour you're close to cities.  
Selfie and the view from my vehicle
Me with Mr. Manaranjan Das and his wife who also had great interest in birds!
Doggy love and the nice guest house at Panchlingeswar, Balasore
Crested Serpent Eagle
Elephant and it's calf going for a drink
Malabar trogan
Oriental turtle dove
Indian Giant Squirrel
Peninsular rock agama
Spotted deers
My tent! How adventurous :) 


"I was little scared to do this solo trip in a wildlife sanctuary but with Manoj bhai's help and hospitality all my fear turned into joy. Bird watching went good and all other amenities were taken care off. You don't need to worry about food or stay. It's a good place and a lot of things like water-falls and hills are nearby to see. I'll come again for that and of course birding too. Hoping to see more Elephants and Bisons as well"

You can reach Mr. Manoranjan Das at: 9937332552  

Last day when I was dropped in the city I decided to check out a nearby beach which is quite famous. So I changed two auto-rickshaws and within one and half hour I was in Chandipur beach. It was hot but the place was nice! Beaches are always peaceful and serene. I had some fresh coconut water and came back to Balasore railway station. After 3 hours I took my train and was in home in next 3 and half more hours. :)

Chandipur beach and Great Egret birds
My solo time towards beach

Hoping for a comeback to explore more ~


  1. great pics, all those animails are beautiful :)
    keep in touch

  2. You won't belive it Tanuja, but I got sentimental after reading this post. I know you must be wondering why so. But I don't know. Most of the times even I have no company. I get bored with pretty much everyone. So you see. And I hate travelling alone. But I want to travel. So you see. Anyway, love the pictures, the birds and the last collage of pictures. May you take many more trips...

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  3. Excellent! Would like to visit Kuldiha someday!

  4. Glad you went one a solo trip, It changes you and your perspective towards life.

    xoxo - Chaicy
    Style.. A Pastiche -

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