Sunday, 1 January 2017

Year of Travel :)

This whole while I had been on a continuous adventure spree. Trying my best to travel every month to a new place and explore what it got for me! And I think I have done good. 

I literally worked-saved-traveled-repeated.

I tried covering all Indian sides; West, North, South, North-East and my own Eastern zone of India. I have really pushed my limits, tried new stuffs, took a little pain to see the world, challenged and surprised my own self.  I had many solo trips, one with friends group, few with sister and some organized tour. Truly the most loved ones were solo, because once you get the hang of solo-traveling and the freedom and comfort with it, there’s no looking back. I seriously got a boost of confidence like never before. I find myself as a changed person, while all these times I had been so much introverted. I still am but there’s a side of me who is wild and crazy.

I felt the beaches, I explored the mountains, I visited temples, I scuba-dived, I trekked, I went villages, I went cities, I was at archaeology sites, I went for bird-watching, I went to watch wildlife. I met folks, I let myself loose. I traveled in summer, winter and in rain. I photographed and I communicated.

Traveling had been soothing to me. Traveling had been healing to me. And traveling had been my rescue world. 

If a budget women traveler can do it, then certainly you can do even better. Don’t think of saving a lot and then going on a tour. Start now. Go out. It doesn’t take much even with all the plannings and stuff. I’d be happy to help anyone who wants to go exploring, or any information I can give out of my adventures. Specially women travelers, you can drop an e-mail for any travel-related query. 

I couldn’t give much of my time putting travel stories in the blog, but I have written all in my notebooks and this year I’ll be penning down all travel tales for you all. 

India is beautiful. Go explore.


  1. I am so happy you are travelling so much. Am a bit jealous too. You are lucky to be doing what you love to do. And happy new year Tanuja.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. Happy new Year
    keep in touch

  3. This sounds so exciting and adventurous, Tanuja.
    Glad you took that leap in your life. Can't wait to read more of your travel stories.

    Epsita |

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